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What is the best kind of floppy to use?

By srtourettes ·
Floppy disks always say formatted for IBM or Mac but what about Windows? Are floppies all formatted when you get them? Will a certain kind not work with Windows XP (what I have) I'm sure I'm just being paranoid, but I don't want to buy something that's useless to me.

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to What is the best kind of ...

You will want IBM formatted floppies, although you can always format these yourself from within explorer, right click your floppy drive (with disk in) and left click on Format. A format dialog box will appear. If you happen tobuy MAC formatted, you can still format for your use, as well.

Some people are particular about brand, afraid I have never really noticed any great differences and have pretty much moved on to other things. CDRs,CDRWs, memory pens, although I do still occasionaly transfer small files with floppy, just the other day in fact.

Good Luck

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by dmiles In reply to What is the best kind of ...

You can purchase generic unformatted floppies or use the IBM formatted floppies,there is no such thing as a Windows floppy,there are different manufacturers that make floppies,IBM has been the leader.

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by gralfus In reply to What is the best kind of ...

"IBM" is a term that used to be applied to PCs because IBM was the first company marketing "Personal Computers" or PCs. When the competition started making their own models, they were called "IBM clones", but the term PC is what stuck with people.

So the kind of floppy you want is the IBM type. Floppies used to come unformatted. Most of the time now they are formatted to save the user a bit of time. If you put the mac formatted floppy into your drive, the computer would sense that it isn't formatted correctly, and would ask you if you want to format it.

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by wlbowers In reply to What is the best kind of ...

IBM was the first basic business PC. That's why you see it as an acronym for windows based computers.

No all floppies are not formatted and they are not created equal. More on this later.

Mac formatted floppies will not work unless you have software that allows Windows to read a Mac disk.

You can reformat Mac floppies to work on your PC.

Now days I don't buy any floppies for my customers other than name brands.

Memorex, Sony, Imation, Maxell, Verbatim.

Stay away from the no names. Floppies are notorious for dying say on the last disk of that critical restore. Besides I've found 50 Maxell for $10.00.

Don't use floppies for more than 2 years. Yea even if they claim "lifetime warranty".

Floppies come in different capacity. 720k and 1.44mb. The 720k is the old, old, old kind. You probly will never need any of those. Current drives will read both kinds.

Although some software vendors, that still use floppies, will ship drivers on the 720k disk.

Hope this and all of the other answers have helped.


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