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    What is the best managed services company to work for?


    by enginerd ·

    I represent an electronics company (hardware and software). We are a “medium-sized” organization that distributes exclusively through resellers. Most of our resellers bundle on-site service contracts for the maintenance/upkeep of our systems when placed at an end user’s location. …however, many of our resellers are opting to not provide support (their loss, both financially and relationship-wise). This means that the end users are now calling us directly and looking for support. We can not cost-effectively provide on-site support.

    In order to bring that level of service to our end customers we’re investigating creating a relationship with a company like Barrister Global Service Network, i.e. a company that has a national presence for on-site support services.

    What I’d like to know, from the folks “in the trenches,” is which companies are the best ones to work for? I want to be sure that the company we hire is not only good to us, but is good to their contractors also.

    Any and all feedback is valuable… but positive feedback is _more_ valuable. 🙂

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