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What is the best PDA to buy today?

By bjlewis_2004 ·
I'm looking to buy a PDA and I need to know what is probably the best PDA out there. I am looking for a PDA that can do it all and my spending limit is $450.......... So if you can help me out

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by jjleggieri In reply to What is the best PDA to b ...

Take a look at the Dell Axims. Light weight, MS O/S, plenty of freeware (for any PDA). I bought the low end Axim 30, because I didn't want or need the wireless features. I just wanted a basic PDA to store Contacts, tasks, notes. I've had it fo about 2 years, with now problems to report. It syscs to my PC so I'm happy.

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by zack.phierce In reply to What is the best PDA to b ...

I'm also in the same boat looking for a PDA, what I'm hearing is go with the dell axium as well but get the 600 / 64ram with the card expansion slot. but I'd like some confirmation on that also... as I have not yet bought one.. was looking at the v51

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by joevilla In reply to What is the best PDA to b ...

If you are looking for a PDA, my suggestion is a Palm O/S device. I have worked with Palm O/S and Windows O/S devices and I have found that the Palm O/S more stable and it can take a betting. I personally own a Palm Tungsten /C for the last three years and I am very happy with it. Check out Palm site: www.palm.com

I hope this helps with your decision.

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by purple713 In reply to What is the best PDA to b ...

Palm OS is going out of style. I would look at the Compaq Ipaq's. You will get more bang for your buck. Ipaq 2000 series come with Wireless and Bluetooth functionality.

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by gammada In reply to What is the best PDA to b ...

I'm a long time Palm OS user and I can assure you there's plenty to like about Palm devices:
1. Lighter, slimmer form factor (compared to similar WinPDAs)
2. More tastefully designed
3. Less expensive
4. More apps (both free, share and commercialware) available
5. Less risk -no virus or malware exists on the OS-
6. A great and helpful community out there supporting all its users

Then again, it all depends on what do you want to do with your device. WinOS pda's such as the axim 50v have an impressive spec and it's great for video and gaming. Nonetheless, it is downright hilarious to find that word and excel documents get better rendering on the PC if they come from Documents-to-go on a Palm than from their own pocket variants.

Last but not least, check a used TH55 from Sony. It's one of the best PDA's out there (www.1src.com)

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