What is the best practise in implementing vlan following scenario ?

By Sagar!!! ·
I have 40 cisco switches 1 L3 and others L2. All switches except 2 or 3 have direct connectivity to L3 switch which is the core. Core connects to the servers. There are no redundant connections or any particular need for any 2 systems to interact between them, so is switches.
Organisation is divided into many branches but each branch has only 2 or 3 or 4 client PCs. Till now all except voice traffic were working on single vlan. Now I need to implement different vlans. What is the best practise. Should I put each branches in different vlan which comes to be somewhere 25 vlans with just having 2 or 3 pc in one vlan and a single switch sometimes has 5 vlans or more. What is the best practise. Please help asap

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by robo_dev In reply to What is the best practise ...

you state that all these sites are on the same VLAN. Are they on the same subnet?

To back up a bit, a VLAN is helpful to divide a large physical network into smaller virtual networks, mostly as a way to contain broadcast traffic and ensure things that need good QOS (like VoIP) actually work.

I would assume that your remote sites each has a router and separate subnet already? If that is the case, unless one of those sites has a lot of users, there is no need to use VLANs to segment the network.

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