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What is the best remote access program

By mmbc_voltron ·
This might be in the wrong subject so let me know if i need to move it.

I need to know what are my options for remote control to connect to client computers and do some work on them.
I just dicovered Netmeeting but i am un-clear how this works. I don't have a static ip, but i can go to whatismyip and give someone that as long as i have my linksys setup with DMZ.
Will that work? or what should i be doing?

Are there any other free and secure ways? Or cheap ways?

Webex PC Now was cheap at around $8 a month for one computer but it takes a lot of work on the end users computer to setup.

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by zaferus In reply to What is the best remote a ...

Why don't you set remote access through "go to my PC" or something similar to one workstation then use RDP to connect to the rest through there?

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to

Go to my PC is $20 a month. THen I don't understand how to use RDP

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by cmiller5400 In reply to What is the best remote a ...

VNC is a free option. Just use a very strong password when setting it up.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to

The Free VNC will need to be setup as the server on each of my clients. If i am doing this over the phone to help them they might get lost.

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by pierrejamme In reply to What is the best remote a ...

In the past I have used PC Anywhere but it was a pain. We moved to NetOp which requires an open UDP port and password. In my opinion it is much smoother and less overhead than PC Anywhere. You will need Host and Guest.
Check out a free trial at:


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by pjcannon In reply to What is the best remote a ...

Try has a free version, pro version, IT Reach & IT Rescue. All work very well, no need for static IP's have been using this about 1 1/2 years now with excellent results. IT Rescue can access Win 2000 & XP when they are in Safe Mode. Saves me a lot of driving.

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by Bork Blatt In reply to What is the best remote a ...

Some options for you to consider:

1. If your clients are Windows XP based, you could use the built-in Remote Assistance feature. This is fairly easy to configure, but so far as I know, lacks the facility to transfer files.

2. Ultra VNC is free of charge. It would require a once-off installation at the client, but it also supports file-transfer and disabling the remote keyboard and mouse. Find it at

3. FogCreek Co-Pilot. These guys have taken the VNC engine, and written a service around it, which makes the installation and use much simpler for client and technician. There are many flexible payment options based on how you use it. Find it at

4. Famatech Remote Administrator. This requires a license for each client machine but has to be one of the best, full-featured, easy to use, and fast systems out there. It can do file transfers, remote telnet session (without the Windows telnet service running), remote reboot, text (voice?) chat, and best of all, can proxy through other RAdmin servers, which is great for NAT, or other complicated firewall setups. Find it at

VNC is the most flexible in terms of the number of OS's it runs on, but it suffers slightly in terms of performance and features.

Hope the info is of some use.

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by njolin In reply to What is the best remote a ... has a Remote Helper program that automates VNC process. Niether side has to install any software. Its pretty easy to use.

<a href=> - Remote Helper</a>

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