What is the best route for me, looking to focus in on security admin.?

By tmc19126 ·
So I new in the IT world, I am currently in school getting my associates in Computer Network Systems, and I also just started an internship at my current job, shadowing our IT dept. I am open to my exact future job title, I just know it will involve security.

I want to start studying for my first cert. test but am unsure which is the best? I mainly notice the mcse-security or the security+. Which is better, or is something else better? I have set a timeline for myself and i'm eager to get moving...all answers/suggestions are appreciated. thanks


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between the two...

by ---TK--- In reply to What is the best route fo ...

I would go for the Security+. Reason being, there alot of non-credited schools craming people through the MS certs. Inturn it pounds the IT field with people that have the MS certs, but they have no idea what they are doing.

On a side note. College and certs will get you a foot in the door, most likely not the job you want. Don't let that get you down, because once you have experience in the field then you will be able to get the job you want. But thats just my opinion.

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thx for the advice

by tmc19126 In reply to between the two...

Thank you, yeah I figured the same as far as real-world experience. That's why I figure I would get a jumpstart and do a learning type of internship now, and closer towards graduation I'll do another that is more hands on. By then I'll actaully now what I am

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Security+ route is cheaper overall

by SKDTech In reply to What is the best route fo ...

and can be used as a substitute for one of the MCSE+Security exams

MCSE 7 exams = 70-270, -290, -2** ,-293, -294, -298, -299
The 298 and 299 exams are the ones that make it a MCSE+Security, Microsoft exams run $125 per exam 7*$125= $875 and are centered mainly around MS technology

Security+ is one exam at $258 and is non-platform specific focusing more on best practices

I recommend getting the A+ and Network+ certifications regardless of which path you take.

I am currently aiming for the MCSE+Security and Security+ myself to show both specific platform and nonplatform specific knowledge.
There is also a Cisco Security certification (CCSP) out there.

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thx for the advice

by tmc19126 In reply to Security+ route is cheap ...

Wow!! I didn't know all those test were priced seperately...that pretty much sums it up for me, security+ it is.

I would like to go for those two more basic ones soon as well, but don't want to be taking test and getting certs just to get them, really want to focus in on one specialty.

And I also planned on going for that cisco cert, but way down the line. I hear you should give yourself a good year to really study for it.

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As for the A and Network

by SKDTech In reply to thx for the advice

I would recommend going ahead and getting them. Most anyone that will be looking for a Security+ cert will also be looking for them on your resume. Also A+ is easy if you know anything about computers already and the Network+ will give you a good knowledgebase and understanding that will help you when it comes to your Security+.

If anyone here a TR has answered your question in a way that you have found helpful then please mark their answers as Helpful so that others may more easily find solutions to similar problems.

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Thank you very much!!

by tmc19126 In reply to As for the A and Network ...

I will be studying for the A+ cert. starting next month as well, one of my teachers is offering after class training geared toward taking it.

My IT mentor at work is a systems admin., but he is showing me the ropes and the beginning process of the interworkings of security. As I said i'm basically a rookie in this, so I got a lot to learn.

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