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What is the best Scripting Language

By seane ·
I know this is an open ended question, but... In general, what is the best scripting language for an NT / Win2K Network
Administrator / System Administrator?
I need to do domain wide tasks like check the Total HD Size, Space available, check on printers, create / delete users, rights,

My first thought is WSH using VBScript, but I don't want to count out Perl, JScript, or any other available tools.

My main concern is learning a language that will be abandoned or not supported in the future.

Sean E

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by Naamor In reply to What is the best Scriptin ...

Kixtart is an excellent scripting language. It has great flexability and its free.

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by seane In reply to Kixtart

Can Kixtart be used to gather information on remote computers across the LAN? Things like: Total Hard drive space, and Available space.

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tools for the moment

by DGLundman In reply to What is the best Scriptin ...

If you are on an NT/W2k Network, you might as well stay with a Microsoft language. Ms is not likely to abandon VBScript any time soon. For the functions you are talking about, you are not likely to port the script to another environment anyway. If you plan to stay in IT Admin for any length of time assume that you will sooner or later need to learn other languages. Start with which language family you are most familiar with. If you have work with any VB/VBA/Basic/Fortran/Dos-batch languages, VBScript will be comfortable. If you have worked with C/Java/Pascal/Delphi/FoxPro JScript or C# will be easier to learn it may be to early to start C#, but it is Ms's intended replacement for Java.

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