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What is the best Switch ????

By eng_ahmedas ·
Dear Friends
I wish u r all in very good health ..... I want to take your opinion about something .. My company will buy some managable

switches .... I want to know how to arrange the following products from the best to the worest and if i want to give them

marks from 100 , can you help me ???

The products are:




========>HP ProCurve Switch 2610-24




========>DES-3528/E & DES-3028/E





Thanks in advance

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For business

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What is the best Switch ? ...

CISCO is the only reasonable option.

For Domestic Linksys is OK but CISCO is better if you can afford it.

The rest just do not rate as they are not worth the penitential problems that may arise and do not have a Backup like CISCO.


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by dwdino In reply to For business

Another Cisco sheep.

Just pat it on the head and let them pass.

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When you run out of snark,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Baaaahhhh

how about going out on a limb and making a recommendation yourself?

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by dwdino In reply to When you run out of snark ...

Not enough information supplied at this point to recommend an appropriate solution.

Network types, required protocols, managed layers, redundancy, etc. Must know the requirements of the fabric first.

The previous posting stating that nothing but Cicso is worthy...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Baaaahhhh

No not really as I don't use many CISCO Products. As for the Linksys the only ones of those that I use regularly now are the ones supplied by the ISP's for Small Business Modems.

But under the confines of the above question I still maintain that CISCO are the best with an overall better Quality/Service Backup than any of the others particularly the ones supplied by HP.

HP will replace with new equipment any that fail while Under Warranty and quite often their new products Do Not work the same way so you have to scrap all of the Old Working Stuff to use the New Product that HP supplied to replace the failed component. Then the replacement unit falls over dead 3 days after the Warranty on the original unit expires and you are back in the same mess that started this entire thing off.

CISCO on the other hand offers fantastic After Sales Support and Technical Support which many companies could try to emulate.

Intel Switches seem to have poor quality Fans which get very noisy very quickly but more importantly here at least they are not easily replaced. You either live with the noisy fan or buy a new Switch if your not handy with a soldering iron and know where to source small fans.

It's very easy to be a CISCO Sheep as you say because they do offer a superior overall product which admittedly is more expensive but I personally would prefer to pay a bit more initially and have Real Service and Support than what you are left with by many other companies. OH that's not covered by our Warranty so buy a new one don't bother us with silly questions about products that we are not required to support.

Now what is it that they say The Pain of a Cheap Product lasts long after the Warm felling of the Money Saved wears off?

But I notice that you are incapable of offering any opinions to the above question.


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I'd have sworn the best switch was the light switch as you

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What is the best Switch ? ...

leave to go home for the day.

As to a switch for a network, that will depend upon the size of the network and what else you have in it.

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About switches

by eng_ahmedas In reply to I'd have sworn the best s ...

Thanks for ur replay ... I just ask about ranking products from best to worst accordng to the quality, the performance , the brand name and the reputation of the Switch ... So can u help me ???

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To do any rating justice, the intended use and usage level

by Deadly Ernest In reply to About switches

is knowledge that's needed, as that affects the performance and reliability. Particular models are designed for heavy business usage, while others are designed for light small business or home usage. That affects their quality and performance as they have different performance and design criteria. Also, working with a router also affects the usage and performance levels.

As a general rule, the answer by Hal 900 is about the best you'll get without more info on intended traffic figures. I've used all those brands and some of those models, except the HP (don't buy HP at all). I've had situations where performance has improved in two areas because I exchanged the switches for each other - it's really horses for courses, and you need to know the course.

Business use, can't beat Cisco, but 3Com, Linksys, and D-link aren't all that far behind, and they do better at low traffic usage for small business and home usage.

On the limited information given, I'd simply echo what Hal has said.

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Cisco owns Linksys

by CharlieSpencer In reply to To do any rating justice, ...

I believe their plan is to market the Linksys brand to the home / small office, and the Cisco brand to anything larger. I don't know about the transfer of technologies across product lines, but I'm sure it's going on.

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Ahh, I didn't know that, but I've not been following the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Cisco owns Linksys

corporate side of switches and routers at all. Thanks for the info.

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