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What is the Best Two year computer degree to go for in today's job market?

By eman08 ·
Hi I as wondering what is the best two year degree to go for in computers, Computer Networking, Programming, or Web Development in today's current job market?

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by CoreyRosinski86 In reply to What is the Best Two year ...

If there is any classes you could take involving network security, I would definitely shoot for that. I know that network security is such a huge field within the I.T. world and they also get paid really well. Out of the three choices you included, I would definitely say Computer Networking only because it covers a lot of bases and materials that the other classes may not cover. Hope this helps!

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by gdeangelis In reply to What is the Best Two year ...

I agree. Security is and will continue to be huge in the IT field. It might serve well to search for a few jobs and then read the requirements just to see what companies are looking for. Virtualization and cloud technology are big right now.

A broad knowledge base will come in handy. As Corey pointed out, networking is a good foundation, but make sure that whatever you choose, get some practical experience while you take you courses. It will help you stand out among the grads when you can go beyond the theory. It is much harder to focus on a single space, and it is equally as difficult to know all areas of IT. But, if you narrow your focus to two or three fields or avenues, this will help. So if your interest lies in coding, widen your coding to include servers and os. If you like security, get the networking and os. If you prefer a windows environment, learn about and use a little linux.

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