what is the best way to back up data of server

By pratikkoney ·
could some one tell . the best way to backup data of the server. so that in case server harddisk is damaged it's data could be recovered. i have done mirroring but i don't like that and i don't have scsi hard disk and cannot afford it.
i just want if my harddisk fails all the data must be recovered from somewhere else.

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Depends on what you have & what you are planning for

by OH Smeg In reply to what is the best way to b ...

Some form of Backup is the best idea but if you consider that backing up your data to be recovered on a different system is likely or possible it's better not to use a Backup Utility but some form of cloning to a Complete HDD Copy not an Image. That way the HDD is readable by anything without an issue. However if you are just considering the OS for this piece of Hardware then a Disc Image will do but it may not work on different hardware if that becomes necessary.

You can backup to an External HDD much cheaper than a SCSI drive, Tape if that is available. DVD Media or piratically anything. But making a copy to a HDD is the fastest way to perform the Backup.

If you are using SCSI it may be worthwhile cloning the SCSI Drive to another SCSI Drive and keeping it elsewhere away from the computer. So then when you suffer a HDD Failure which is quite common you just need to power down replace the SCSI Drive and reboot. Total down time would be measured in a few minutes where as if you backup to anything else you would first have to obtain another SCSI Drive and then Copy the entire contents of your Backup to the new SCSI Drive


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I wouldn't want to insult you

by tintoman In reply to what is the best way to b ...

I mean your question is fair enough and the answer you have been given is clear and concise and a professional solution, but with respect how does anyone get a job a lan administrator without what is essentially very basic elementary knowledge?

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