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What is the best way to install a SATA HDD on an old PATA pc?

By joq ·
I want to install a new SATA HDD on my old XP system which motherboard (MSI KT4V) does not have SATA support (it also only has PCI ports rather than PCI-E). Is it better to buy a PCI SATA controller card to fit a new SATA HDD to, or to use an IDE/SATA converter to connect the SATA HDD to an IDE port? (motherboard supports ATA 133.)

Hope someone can advise, thanks.

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by TheChas In reply to What is the best way to i ...

I would recommend the PCI SATA-I adapter. This is the cleanest method. If you plan to boot from the new drive, the typical BIOS setting would be SCSI.

Keep in mind that either method is going to limit you to SATA-I transfer rates or slower.

The IDE to SATA adapter will limit you to the fastest transfer rate your IDE controller will support.

The PCI controller will limit you to SATA-I speeds. This is because the PCI bus is not fast enough to support speeds faster than SATA-I.

The only way you can get SATA-II transfer rates is to get a new motherboard.


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I agree with the Chas here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is the best way to i ...

You would be better off using a PCI SATA Controller card but there will be speed Limits to SATA 1 and you'll need to install the Card Driver if you want to boot off a SATA HDD.

The SATA to IDE Converters are at best second rate hardware and generally speaking more trouble than what they are worth. If you start to get Weird Internments happening these can almost always be traced back tot he IDE/SATA Adapter and you'll go nuts trying to fault find issues.

If you want to install any Windows OS to a SATA Drive in this system you'll need to press the F6 Key when the first blue screen appears and wait till you are prompted to insert the Driver into whichever drive copied tot he Root of that Drive media.

Or you can use products like nLite or vLite to Slipstream Windows Install Disc's to get around this issue. You'll need to include the SATA Controller Card Driver into the Image that you make but if you use one of these then it's better to include all Service Packs if any and Drivers for your hardware to save a lot of time.

For XP OS's

vLite for Vista and 7 OS's.


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