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    What is the biggest nuisance on the Internet?


    by jasonhiner ·

    That’s the topic of a new TechRepublic poll. Here are the selections:

    – SPAM
    – Pop-ups
    – Spyware
    – Ugly Web sites

    What do you think? Is there anything you would add to the list?

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      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to What is the biggest nuisance on the Internet?

      Because there is almost never a case where a popup occurs anymore without the user choosing to have it popup, makes this a non-issue.

      Spyware. with people moving to FF from IE, there are less spyware programs that can infect your system, so this has been greatly minimized.

      Ugly web sites? You choose where you go. If it bothers you, chastize the admin or go somewhere else.


      A specific form of annoying spam is when people forward on all the “new virus warning”. The send it to me as if they would hear about such things before I would. ~sigh~ And they ALWAYS turn out to be false. Am I the only one in this company that knows how to do a google search??? X-( But because it comes from valid people the spam filter can’t save me from them…. 🙁

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      Silent installs

      by pkr9 ·

      In reply to What is the biggest nuisance on the Internet?

      The worst nuisance is that you must allow things to be installed on your PC, even if it is a cookie.

      It is _MY_ PC, and I want to control what’s put in it. By meticously regisetring what happens in internet temp folders and other places in your system, and especially by selecting non-MS stuff, you can regain some control, but not all.

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        Trialware,crippleware,crapware products

        by neil higgins ·

        In reply to Silent installs

        30 day testing of free download progs,that are mostly useless.Even after spending many a late night uninstalling them,the b*srds are always there,lurking,waiting to pounce.

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      by scatalin ·

      In reply to What is the biggest nuisance on the Internet?

      What about phishing?

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      Useless Authentication

      by Rick Vanover ·

      In reply to What is the biggest nuisance on the Internet?

      My biggest irritant is accounts for stupid or truly useless information. I understand if you are going to buy something, but I don’t like having to make an account to see the weather or TV schedules…..

      After all, I (and surely many others) put in bogus info so I don’t get SPAM or junk mail – so how valuable is the market research?

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