what is the binary equivalent of

By Masila d ·
Class B network

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Number format conversions

by TobiF In reply to what is the binary equiva ... is a 32-bit number expressed as 4 decimal numbers in the range 0-255.

Do a Google search for "conversion decimal octal hex binary"
And you'll find thousands of resources to help you.

A Class B network has a 16 bit subnet, i.e. it contains 65536 addresses. May be expressed as /16 or as subnet mask
But, what's your question?

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Well, if you run up Windows Calc

by neilb@uk In reply to what is the binary equiva ...

and switch to the Scientific View, you can convert between Hex, Decimal and Binary and even get into Octal!

Then you just copy and paste and splice the numbers together.

It comes out to:



Well, it doesn't really. I just typed out a couple of random octets in the general vicinity but you get the picture...

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Are you kiddin' me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to what is the binary equiva ...

You could have taken your shoes and socks off and worked it out by now.




Sort yourself out ffs.

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