What is the cheapest way to run a task on multiple operating system

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Hi All!

New member here, glad to have the opportunity to hear from you all.

I am currently trying to find the absolute cheapest solution to my problem. Money isn’t overly abundant in my situation but I am willing to spend somewhat to get this done.

I have created a script using AutoHotKey to automate the following:

-Copy data from excel cell
-Paste data into browser
-Run browser extension to analyse results
-Paste interesting results back into excel

Essentially it’s a very simple task that doesn’t require tons of processor power. I’m simply loading web results and copying interesting data into a spreadsheet. But I have thousands of repeats required and I want to have multiple machines performing the automated data analysis.

My question is what is the absolute cheapest way I can set up multiple hardwares running this task simultaneously? I can’t imagine myself going out there and buying 10 laptop/computers. I wondered if I could have multiple raspberry pi units doing it but unfortunately they don’t support windows.

All I need is 10 processors running a relatively simple task about a thousand times each.

Any ideas what the cheapest way possible is to do this?


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