What is the correct fuse i should use?

By flogadob ·
Ive got 3 power cables for a moniter, printer, and base unit the amperage ive got after the calculation on W/V where V is 240 is
what i wanted to know is if the conclusion i came to that each of these rounds up to a 3 amp fuse is correct.

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For what?

by SPC_TCOL In reply to What is the correct fuse ...

Ok here is the basic question, where does the fuse goes?
How did you come to your numbers?
What kind of fuse would you like to use, and what purpose should it have?

Are you in the USA or in Europe?

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@ 240 V AC it's defiantly not the US.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to For what?
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by SPC_TCOL In reply to @ 240 V AC it's defiantly ...

50% of all people I asked here today didn't even know how high the voltage has to be.
England has 220V while German for example has 230 Volts.

In general that doesn't make a difference, unless you calculate how much Amps are drawn, after a certain point it would make a difference.

Now we still don't know what the fuse is for.
Because there are different fuses that take different times, it makes the difference i talked about.

Now again, what is the fuse for?
To protect the computer against what?
Lighting? Then this is the wrong way.

So I really don't see the purpose of this.

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Well Power Supplies in Desktop computers typically

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is the correct fuse ...

Have a 3 AMP AG Fuse in them.

If this is in a Fuse Box you can not use anything smaller than 8 AMP but if this is something hotched together between the power Point and computer I would use a 5 AMP Fuse just to be on the safe side.

However in most UPS they use a 30 AMP Fuse if that is of any help and they are not recommended to have a printer connected tot hem.


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In the United Kingdom (UK)..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to What is the correct fuse ...

All of your "stated" products should have a 3 amp fuse in "each plug". Only bigger/powerful machines need more than the specified 3 amp fuse.

Typical fuse ratings for 220-240 voltage equipment: up to 750 watts - 3 Amp, up to 1250 Watts -5 Amp, over 1250 Watts -13 Amp.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) sites state the following:
For the convenience of users, appliance manufacturers have standardised on two plug fuse ratings- 3A & 13A and adopted appropriate flex sizes. For appliances up to 700W a 3A fuse is used, for those over 700W a 13A fuse is used.

Though when you get anything electrical, it would be useful to you to read up on the instruction leaflet that you get with these.
Hope this is of help to you. :)

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What are you trying to protect?

by TheChas In reply to What is the correct fuse ...

One often overlooked factor in fuse rating is what are you trying to protect?

Are you concerned that the wiring that feeds your devices is not up to standards?

Are you concerned that the devices are going to fail and place a short on the power mains?

Do you have a surge protector that is in line after the fuse?

Also keep in mind that most electronics devices have power on surge current that is many times the nominal power draw. If you were to turn all 3 devices on at once, you might over-stress a 5 amp fuse, and have the fuse open far too often.

For most power strips with fuses or circuit breakers, the fuse is sized based on the maximum safe current for the wire, switch or socket.

Keep in mind that a fuse in a line does not protect the device from problems with the power line. A fuse protects the power line and wiring from problems with the device.


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as a rule of thumb. ..

by jimmy-jam In reply to What is the correct fuse ...

You should go with a fuse rated 20% higher than peak calculated current. At least that's what it was when I was in school.


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by flogadob In reply to as a rule of thumb. ..

Thanx for all the posts regarding my question, ive had to replace all of the cables that i mentioned and the ones ive replaced them with are all missing their fuses! so thats why i asked you guys about which fuse i should use, and for those who werent sure yes im in the UK which is why i used 240 volts, think im gonna go with the 3 amps after reading all your advice. Im not using UPS or anything like that its just to get the machine running! :)

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That should be perfectly OK for the devices that you mentioned above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks

You shouldn't have a problem with 3A Fuses but I would suggest using Slow Blow Fuses in the Plugs as they will not blow on the Start Up Loads that the devices can draw.


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