What is the difference between a CAT6 Patch Panel and a Voice-Grade PP?

By erilaurence ·
What is the difference between a CAT6 PP and a CAT3 Voice PP which is used for PABX? We have a project that requires a PABX system and the consultant requires a CAT3 Voice PP. Can't we just use a CAT6 PP instead?


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by erilaurence In reply to What is the difference be ...
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The PABX doesn't use a 4 Pair Cable

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is the difference be ...

Where as the CAT 6 is a 4 Pair Cable connection.

That is the main difference but having said that most of the people who install PABX Systems that I know use CAT6 Plates and only connect the required wires.


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What about the difference between the 2 PP?

by erilaurence In reply to The PABX doesn't use a 4 ...

But what if we compare only the two patch panels? What is the difference between a regular CAT6 PP and a 25 port "Voice" PP? What's with the extra port? Are there IDC's also the same or does the "Voice" PP only has 1 pair IDC for each port? Thanks

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OK up front I don't install PABX Systems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What about the difference ...

Now normally any phone line uses a 1 Pair Cable, but from memory PABX Systems are a bit different and use 1 Pair per Phone Line that that particular phone on the system can answer.

If I remember correctly or it is 1 pair for the Phone line and another pair for the controller to the PABX system anyway depending on which it is as I have not done this type of work for over 25 years now the system uses either 2 Pair for the individual phone or more depending on how the system works. It used to be one pair for the Phone and 1 pair for the controller but then some systems started appearing which used 1 Pair per Incoming Phone Line. So if there are 3 incoming Phone Lines there are 3 Pair to the individual phone. It all depends on the actual system.

But the CAT6 is a 4 Pair Connection and as I said previously the fitters that I know who do this work now all use standard CAT 5/6 Sockets Patch Panels when they install phones. Most even use the Blue CAT5 Type Cables though the Phone systems should be in a Cream Outer Cable Insulation. But from my understanding the actual CAT5/6 cable isn't overly important as it is down to the number of Twists per foot and Phone Cable doesn't need the same number of twists per foot. Though if there is any Data Traffic involved it's not going to hurt.


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by erilaurence In reply to OK up front I don't insta ...

I think hehehe. We wanted to use the cat6 pp because we have this on stock already instead of ordering 1 or 2 pcs of voice patch panel.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks

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