what is the difference between client/server application and web app

By gopal_bu ·
pls tell me what is the difference between client/server application and web application
i am bit confuse abt that .

thx & regards

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A web application

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to what is the difference be ...

is a client server application where the server is a webserver.
When they are used as one vs the other, generally the client is a browser as opposed to a specific application.

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Client Server and Web Application

by bsdeepu In reply to A web application

Client Server - Application is one where you have a designated server and its client - basically like a network setup in college, company - called an intranet. Or the Unix and Linux server and clients accessing the server setup for real time access. This is a simplest way to say about the client server, ofcourse the Client Server can be connected to internet and so many complications.

Web Application - Where you access the web server using the browsers, which can go thru your intranet.

Guys correct me if i am wrong.


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Difference between client /server and web application

by geetha_ntp In reply to what is the difference be ...

1. Client server application using two tier architecture.
1.1 . using client and server only.
1.2 changes can't reflect in this. used to install again and test whether application works or not.
1.3 Single user system.
1.4 difficult to test scripting problem in this.
1.5 Using functionality, Regression, load testing.
2. Web application using multi tier architecture
2.1 many users can use at the same time.
2.2 three tier architecture which are user client, middled tier which is for Database and application server for this.
2.3 changes regarding scripting reflecting at the moment only.
2.4 Easy for testing.
2.5 using functionlity, regression, load, stress, performance,security, etc.

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Difference b/n Client /server application and web application server

by harishkr80 In reply to what is the difference be ...

1)Client server applications follow up Two tier architecture, but web server applications follows Three tier or 'n'tier architecture
2)In client server application we will not use Web servers, but in web server applications same will be used.
3)Client server applications Majorly used in Intranet areas,but web server applications used in Internet areas
4)Securiry issues are very less in client server as there are Minimum users,but in Web server Security issues are Maximum as end users are more
5)Performance issues will not be taken in to consideration in client server, but consideration will be done web server applications.

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