what is the difference between private cloud and virtual private cloud

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I want realy unterstand what is a virtual privat Cloud? Because i don't find any Definition in NIST.
What is Differentiation to privat Cloud and public?
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Cloud computing

by urolimesmm In reply to what is the difference be ...

Although a Virtual Private Cloud and Private cloud may seem similar, they are not. A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a hybrid cloud computing model in which a private cloud is created within a public cloud provider’s infrastructure. Normally in a VPC, a portion of the public cloud infrastructure is provisioned for private cloud use. Virtual private cloud is primarily aimed for users who can take advantage of the public cloud computing while maintaining their sensitive data privately.

So, what makes virtual private cloud different from public cloud is that the VPC is hosted by third-party cloud vendors, whereas in a private cloud, it is hosted by the organisation's own IT infrastructure. Some examples of VPC's include Google App Engine and Amazon VPC.

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by hri54321 In reply to Cloud computing

i tought, that VPC has special feature in the network layer, such as isolated network ..., but public cloud doesn't have.
I am interested to understand the difference on the cloud architecture.

In Public Cloud have the cloud provider all admin rights up to hypervisor, but in VPC is others. And i try to understand WHAT is different?

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Correct, but...

by karlzimmerman In reply to Cloud computing

I just wanted to note that your answer is largely correct. I only have one point to clarify. You seem to be very restrictive on what a private cloud is. To me, a private cloud does not need to be hosted inside an organization, there are numerous options for that private cloud to be hosted elsewhere, but still distinctly separate and securely connected back into the user's environment. The environment can appear to be local, but doesn't need to actually be local. You can look at something like as an example of a 3rd party hosted private cloud.

Now still, the virtual private cloud (VPC) has the distinction of it being "virtually" private, being built inside a public cloud environment as you said. So there, the difference isn't whether it is hosted not, but whether the resources are public/shared or not.

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Private Cloud VS Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)

by twkim In reply to what is the difference be ...

Private Cloud is a cloud infrastructure that is completely dedicated to one organization. Despite what many people think, Some hardware vendors think private cloud is a more secure public cloud. But to be exact, it refers to the exclusive use of a platform housing one organization's data.
The reason that "private cloud" is not the best term is because the core definition of 'cloud' is that it must be elastic and scalable without the obligation to buy more hardware. So, by definition, an internal 'private cloud' should really just be referred to as 'internal infrastructure.'

Virtual Private Cloud is the cloud in the way most people think of it. It's like Amazon Web Services(AWS) or Microsoft Azure that we're familiar with. These things are shared same infrastructure by a lot of people.
Virtual Private Cloud offer a level of isolation between customers through a private IP subnet, or Virtual Local-Area Network (VLAN), on a per customer basis. It'll be easy to understand each word separately.

Virtual: This is not physical hardware
Private: One infrastructure is shared, but all users are isolated. (for both security and performance)
Cloud: Workloads are managed in the cloud

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The Difference

by samgord In reply to what is the difference be ...

A private cloud, in contrast, is a single tenant cloud environment that runs on dedicated infrastructure. This may reside on-premises, in a dedicated off-site data center or with a managed private cloud provider. The advantage of the private cloud is control and exclusivity. A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an option that offers the best of both private and public cloud models. VPC’s function like a private cloud that run on public or shared infrastructure. Unlike public clouds that serve dynamic environments and all workloads, SAP VPC’s host similar and relatively static workloads. Because this is SAP, most customers access their environment through virtual private networks (VPN). This can reduce risk and exposure from neighbors that typically access their solutions over the public internet.

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Virtual Private Cloud Vs Private Cloud

by RonCloudGeek In reply to what is the difference be ...

When it comes to virtual private cloud vs. private cloud, the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. In most cases, however, a virtual private cloud is different from a private cloud.

In a private cloud model, the IT department acts as a service provider and the individual business units act as tenants. In a virtual private cloud model, a public cloud provider acts as the service provider and the cloud's subscribers are the tenants. Just as the tenant administrators in a private cloud are free to create resources within the limits that have been set up for them, a public cloud's subscribers are also free to create resources within the public cloud.

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Both differ by :

by aarujoe22 In reply to what is the difference be ...

Before deciding between a private cloud and virtual private cloud to choose, you first need to identify the purpose or motive behind using them.

A private cloud gives more control to individual business units over the IT resources allocated to them. On the other hand, virtual private cloud offers organizations a different level of isolation to perform their work.

Private Cloud :

Private cloud is dedicated to the needs and wants of a single organization. This makes it a best suit for the businesses with dynamic, unpredictable or changing computing needs, that require direct control over their environments, mainly to meet the security, business governance or regulatory compliance requirements.
A private cloud provides benefits like user self-service and scalability, also the ability to provision and configure virtual machines and change or optimize computing resources of demand basis.

Virtual private cloud :

A virtual private cloud is a service that works on-demand basis. It is a logical division of a service provider's public cloud to support private cloud computing. This model also enables an organization to achieve the benefits of the cloud-like more control over virtual networks and an isolated environment for sensitive work, while it can still take advantage of public cloud resources.

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