What is the difference between videophone and video conferencing?

By Adedoyin Ololade ·
I have (BGAN)which means, Broadband Global Area Network. It is a mobile modem which alows me to use Internet, Make Calls as well as video streaming anywhere I am within its Global coverage.
On the other hand, I have Globanix Video Phone which also alows me to make calls to about 75 Countries of the World using its video phone facility to view and see the person I am calling on the Globanix Videophone screen.
Now my worry is: Is it possible for me to do streaming on this Globanix Videophone as with the BGAN?

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Which Question ???

by dawgit In reply to What is the difference be ...

the first, (I think) is the difference between a "Video Phone", and "Video Conferencing". When using a Video Phone service / set up, it's point to point, person to person, just like a 'normal' phone call (except with video, of course) Providing you have the necessary Hardware (Microphone, Speakers, Video Cam) there are many services you can use. (Skype, Yahoo, MSN, etc...)
"Video Conferencing" is different in that there are usually many people all capable of talking, and seeing each other at the same time. Sometimes in multiple (more than two) locations. To do that you need a completely different service. Sometimes (usually) a bit costly.
The second question; <i>the possibility for you to do streaming with Globanix Videophone, or with the BGAN?</i> For that answer you would be better asking those companies directly.

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