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What is the fastest CPU out there today?

By RookieTech ·
Name some off dont be afraid tiger direct sells 3.40 ghz processors but i know that there is faster enlighten me plz :)

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by jck In reply to What is the fastest CPU o ...

consumer market CPU:

Intel Core2 Extreme QX9775 3.2GHz 12MB L2 Cache LGA 771 150W Quad-Core Processor

I think it still beats the i7-975

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this is fast

by RookieTech In reply to answer

but there has to be faster ones out there the skys the limit in this discussion

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well THE fastest I've heard of

by jck In reply to this is fast

is an 8-core fujitsu CPU

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Nope, no production chips are faster than the intel xtreme

by Forum Surfer In reply to this is fast

Not only that, the chip he mentioned easily overclocks to well beyond 4ghz. Stay away from tiger btw, go to newegg.com as they have generally better prices, better quality merchandise and less spam once you have an account.

Intel chips overclock to faster speeds and operate more reliably than AMD chips when overclocked, so even if you see a faster AMD phenom it is only a bigger number...not better performing. My lowly air cooled 2.4 ghz core2duo has ran at 3.2 ghz for 2 years nearly around the clock without a hiccup.

(Of course now that I have said something, it will probably be a pile of ashes when I get home!)


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also check....

by ---TK--- In reply to Nope, no production chips ...

MicroCenter.com they have pretty competitive prices in the CPU department.

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Assuming Desktop PC

by JamesRL In reply to What is the fastest CPU o ...

And not a server CPU(or mainframe computer CPU).

I use Tomshardware.com's charts for these things.

On a 3D Mark Vantage Benchmark, run under Vista 64 bit, the fastest was...
Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition which runs at 3.47 Ghz


Whats really interesting though, is the premium you pay to be the fastest. The i7 920, which runs at 2.8 Ghz scores well (39,900 versus the 975's 45753) but costs ONE THIRD THE PRICE. I might humbly suggest that most of us would have a faster PC by taking the money we might save by buying the slower processor, and instead buying more RAM, faster disk, better video card etc. Your computer can only run as fast as the slowest component will let it.


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2nd that...

by ---TK--- In reply to Assuming Desktop PC

Your PC is only as fast as your slowest component!

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by Slayer_ In reply to Assuming Desktop PC

The biggest bottleneck is hard drives...

I hope solid state technology progresses.

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Depends of course

by JamesRL In reply to HDD's

On the application....

In the client support world, my team often sees bottlenecks in different places based on the site - some clients keep data forever, and build big databases, some places have users logg on in the morning and stay on all day...you get the picture.

Unless you are working with huge files at home, HD speed rarely comes into play, except perhaps at start up when the system loads.

With the game I play online, its generally agreed that RAM is the first priority, video card second, CPU third, HD last when trying to improve the game performance.

Editing videos on the other hand, HD speed is crucial.


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by seanferd In reply to What is the fastest CPU o ...

Meaningless Indicators of Processor Speed.

Best to look at some of the charts mentioned - Like @ Tom's Hardware. Many times, a higher clock won't mean an actually faster processor. Speed also depends on what you are using it for, as well as other system components.

If you just want clock speed charts, these are readily available at Intel, and probably AMD, although Intel is likely to have the higher speeds at any given moment.

If you are looking beyond the PC and general purpose processors, this may take more of a search.

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