What Is The Future Of DevOps?

By manchun.pandit ·
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Today each business is trending towards DevOps, and it is becoming the standard way of working within the organization. DevOps is growing its recognition in this modernizing environment with the trending technology services. It is all about moving the business forward and turning technology into a strategic advantage.
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DevOps offers organizations a new way to deliver value to their customers quickly and efficiently as a result of which its value is hitting the scale. As it is built upon best practices, as required in this modern digital economy, the recognition of the power of DevOps in the operational efficiency and overall performance is laying a stern base for its future scope.

Kindly guide me.

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DevOps Predictions

by jameswanbook In reply to What Is The Future Of Dev ...

· Based on the market, here are some predictions for the future of DevOps.
· Adoption of Microservices is best-suited for DevOps due to its features including:

Isolated nature
Improvised cycle times
Well-defined interfaces
Aligned architecture

· The culture and principal paths of DevOps encourage integration across the organization. It helps to work together and achieve a great success. Along with it, the continuous learning environment helps with bigger benefits.

· Adopting notion of shifting left helps to recognize issues earlier, along with performance and disaster recovery testing. Adopting DevOps enables enterprises to ensure uptime and enhance synchronization and quality with faster recovery from failure and minimize downtime.

· Big Data and DevOps together help in the design of predictive analytics. DevOps is an expert in automating the process and automating configuration.
· Consolidation is critical which allows reusability, visibility, audibility and security.The organizations are focusing on consolidation and standardization of DevOps processes so as to scale up the success.
· DevOps solutions have incorporated a hybrid state of existence for infrastructure, architecture, release pipelines and more. Hybrid everything makes DevOps future-ready to support any tool, application and process.
· DevOps Monitoring focuses not only on pre-production supervision but also more attention provided to the post-deploy feedback loop. New architectures like microservices, new monitoring technologies and pricing models are effectively introduced which helps the organization.

Expansion of DevOps Across IT

DevOps is expanding and maturing across the information technology in areas such as database management, security and testing, expanding its future growth. The development methodology, the business-centric Agile approach is becoming more crucial to the continuous integration and successful delivery process.

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jameswanbook Thank you

by manchun.pandit In reply to DevOps Predictions

Hi jameswanbook,

Thank you for positive response. thank you again.

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DevOps Trends

by sophieclark In reply to What Is The Future Of Dev ...

Agree with jameswanbook on the increasing adoption of microservices architecture and shift-left. Other emerging trends include:

Automate as much as possible. For an example, automating things like governance.

Shift to IaaS and cloud-based solutions that will save on costs.

More measurement/visualization of metrics and KPIs in the CI/CD pipeline using analytics tools like New Relic & Prometheus. Here are some examples of emerging business intelligence tools:

Moving from doing just CI to also including CD

Evolution of Kubernetes and containerization in general. Increasing demand for container orchestration technologies.

Value stream management.

The increase in cybercrime will lead to more focus on security (i.e. DevSecOps) and "baking it in" from the initial development stage instead of trying to tack it on later.

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7 noteworthy DevOps trends for the future

by Apira Giriharan In reply to What Is The Future Of Dev ...

The concept of DevOps has long been recognised as one that has revolutionised the business and technology industry. Here's some good insight in to the basics of DevOps and its origin story -

Experts in the field believe DevOps is highly likely to continue its rise to success over the upcoming years as well.

Below are 7 noteworthy DevOps trends for the future:

1. Automation will become the main focus, with enterprise aiming for zero-touch automation across the board.

2. Given the rising number of cybersecurity threats, the trend of DevSecOps is likely to become more popular.

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will both foster DevOps growth and become a necessary part of the DevOps culture in the majority of organisations.

4. More businesses are going to embrace a multi-cloud architecture to give rise to the continuous delivery approach and drive the use of container-related tech.

5. DevOps and big data will go hand-in-hand to further automate processes and their configurations.

6. An increase in the use of serverless computing, or FAAS (Functions As A Service) will entail that businesses will incur costs on the redundant use of servers.

7. Organisational leaders will inculcate a stronger focus DevOps and other technologies and empower their developer and IT teams to drive the implementation of best practices surrounding these innovations.

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DevOps trends in 2020

by williamjones3d In reply to What Is The Future Of Dev ...

Here are some of the DevOps trends in 2020:
1) Serverless architecture
2) AI with Advanced data science
3) Moving as "Everything as code"
4) CI to DevOps assembly lines
5) Enhanced embedded security
6) Rise of Kubernetes

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