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what is the hotest technology

By adnan_abbasi ·

What is the hotest IT technology now a days?

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The hottest...

by LiamE In reply to what is the hotest techno ...

Probably the intel P4 processor at some point between fan failure and the meltdown 30 seconds later.

Sorry couldn't resist.

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The hottest...

by nasirkahn In reply to The hottest...
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No such thing!

by GuruOfDos In reply to what is the hotest techno ...

Actually, the hottest thing is also the coolest!

VIA's EPIA Mini-ITX format is so cool, it's hot!!

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A more serious reply

by DC_GUY In reply to what is the hotest techno ...

I am betting on Macintosh. The new Apple mall stores are drawing in throngs of people buying iPods for Christmas, and once they're in there they get a chance to see just how superior Macs are to PCs. Many of them are already returning to buy their first Macintosh.

Apple has already launched a corporate marketing division. I've seen message traffic here indicating that even corporations are becoming so utterly disgusted with the Windows architecture that some are experimenting with Macs.

We all know that the only thing holding back the expansion of the Macintosh sector is a death spiral: There aren't enough Macs out there, so not enough software is being developed for them.

SP/2 has made it clear to the world that Windows is in a death spiral of its own. Apple's market share is slowly but perceptibly increasing. Soon the software developers will take note. When that happens, the world will right itself.

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Don't Dismiss Apple Just Yet !

by ross.bale In reply to A more serious reply

Apple's Operating System (OSX) is firmly and squarely based on Unix with Java firmly embedded, so any Unix or Java app can be quite rapidly ported onto the Mac Platform. Take into account that Oracle have certified it as a server platform for it's databases and it's currently the only 64 Bit multi processor system that is sensibly priced and knocks the socks off an equivalent Dual Xeon 3Ghz processor Dell server - oh and there are hardly any virus problems or security issues surrounding OS X compared to good old Windows ! It seems to be more and more the "thinking" corporation's platform, if at least for only some of the systems.

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Parallel Processing Networks

by BFilmFan In reply to what is the hotest techno ...

I think the coming thing will be operating systems that take advantage of stacked processors in a single chip to create mini-parallel processing systems.

GRID networking is going to be big too...

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by billyboys In reply to what is the hotest techno ...

many technology companies are saying RFID will change our lives.
what I see is that RFID will change the supply chain on the backend first, example: manufacturing and warehouseing.

but it will take a while before RFID hits the retail shop, only then it will affect our daily lives and the retailers or big MNC start recording our buyging behaviours

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RFID experts in demand

by billyboys In reply to RFID

well, if you are one of the very few RFID experts around with 2 years of experience in it. You could be getting a hugh pay check.

But I just wonder how those employment agencies expect to find such people. I mean shouldn't those people with "real" RFID experience be so busy implementating RFID projects and getting a fat pay check. So...those stupid headhunters should get their expectation right, YOU just won't find people with "real" RFID knowledge.

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Looming Shortage of Qualified RFID Professionals

by jkurtzke In reply to RFID experts in demand

As industry segments and verticals get closer to full compliance with mandates, the demand for RFID Professionals will explode. Today the supply and demand is basically at an equilibrium level. Tomorrow this will change for a variety of reasons. As companies begin to realize the value of increased visibility in the Supply Chain more will implement RFID. At the current time demand is starting to outstrip supply, and Billy is quite correct that huge paychecks could be in line for those IT Professionals who have both an understanding of RFID and an understanding of the business implications of RFID. More and more Project Managers will be needed. More and more experience will be needed with folks who have configuration experience, particularly those folks with solid SAP and Oracle backgrounds.

In my company I am the Sales Director and Practice Group Leader for RFID. I have a dual responsibility - 1) to find qualified consultants in RF-RFID-SAP-Oracle and ERP for companies who need to fill spots on a contract or contract-to-hire basis and 2) to provide consulting services to companies who need guidance at any of the levels of RFID from initial business case analysis and creation on up to full deployment. This could include hardware and software vendor evaluations, RFP writing and evaluation, pilots, proof of concept, deployment and integration.

In the past two years more and more Universities and Colleges are offering programs related to RFID and enabling IT Professionals to gain the RFID knowledge necessary to grow their careers. More and more of the hardware folks are offering certification programs. CompTIA offers an industry recognized certification. EPC Global is working hard towards standardization and serialization. AIM is helping to educate the environment.

A huge caution exists today in that all too many times, people who can "spell RFID" are trying to position themselves to take advantage of a potentially exploding job market. As Billy correctly points out, one must be careful to evaluate and separate the wannabees.

With my company, we discuss the job requirements with the client and then find the person best suited to fill the position on a contract or contract-to-hire basis at teh rate that the client is willing to pay. The caveat here is that as the shortage grows the price goes up - simple economics of supply and demand. Our methodologies differ from the many "body shops" out there due to the extent of screening and verification we do.

So, in summary, yes there are currently opportunities for IT Professionals in the RFID space that crosses all verticals. Those IT Professionals who take a good hared look at what they will need, (business acumen, RFID understanding and RFID education), are poised for larger paydays.

Feel free to contact me at for any questions you might have either from the employee or employer viewpoints.

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