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What is the latest technique of App Store Optimization 2019?

By azharinstaberry ·
Anyone have knowledge about to rank app on google play store by the latest technique 2019 kindly share with me.

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Latest Techniques in App Store Optimization

by helenfoster786 In reply to What is the latest techni ...

Here are some suggestions that I'm giving you:
1) Don't only rely on Google's keywords, use other keyword analysis tools as well. Consider using tools like AppTweak.
2) Research your competition and find insightful data to leverage for your mobile apps.
3) Focus on your app's engagement rate and the overall app quality.
4) don't forget to localize your mobile apps

If you have any more questions feel free to ask :)

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Latest Techniques in App Store Optimization

by johnsmith101 In reply to Latest Techniques in App ...


Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information, it helped me alot

Thanks and regards.:)

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The latest technique of App Store Optimization 2019

by oliverzofia In reply to What is the latest techni ...

Unlike on Google Play, descriptions on the App Store don’t influence the search results. However, there is another way to optimize your description. On App Store Connect, you have to upload metadata, and here you’ll find a keywords field that fits 100 characters. Here are our recommendations on how to best use it:

1. Don’t include words from your app title.
2. Use separate words instead of phrases.
3. Never repeat keywords.
4. Don’t use the words app, game, iPhone, or iPad.
5. Use the singular forms of words.
6. Separate words with a comma but without spaces.
7. Update your app keywords over time.
8. Never use trademarked terms or titles of popular apps.

Source: RubyGarage

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Latest Techniques of App Store Optimization

by jasonpotterfield In reply to What is the latest techni ...

Hey, that is a good question and thanks for asking. Let us try to figure out the best answer to your query.

First of all, let us acknowledge the fact that the technologies keep changing, which directly influences the techniques we use for app optimization. And since we are in a brand new decade, it is necessary to always consult the experts before actually working on the optimization strategy.

Now, coming back to the question, here are a few evergreen techniques that could help you hit the bull's eye during the process of app store optimization. Take a look;

1. Don't forget to use the descriptive title
2. Select the keywords carefully
3. Make sure to describe the app in a correct manner
4. Lay special focus on icon design
5. Don't forget to use app store analytics
6. Post the app's preview video
7. Select the category wisely
8. Get in the habit of re-evaluation

These eight points will guide you to create a proper strategy for app store optimization. Hope it helps.

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app store optimization

by deborasumopayroll In reply to What is the latest techni ...

Google has changed its core Algos for SEO and ASO which effected hundreds of top applications and websites. We are here to discuss what should to do to create a new app and make it successful.
There are Multiple techniques which are somehow like Myths of ASO. Let’s start with these myths
1. Find keywords
2. Use keywords in package name, Title, Short Description, Long Description
3. Design great looking Feature image, screenshots and app icon
4. Content marketing by writing blogs and helping in forums to get backlinks
5. Facebook and Insta pages for brand recognition
6. Adwords Universal app campaign
7. Facebook App Campaign
hese are some factors which every blogger will tell you but now the story has been changed. You have to spend enough budget in Google ads and Facebook app campaigns to get your app “explore downloads”. There are two types of organic downloads.
1. “Search” 30%
2. “Explore” 70%
The above ratio is for successful apps. Explore downloads come when you are spending in Google Adwords and Google shows your app besides of every relevant app and you get tons of organic downloads. Explore downloads also come when your app is ranking in any category or country or get relevancy with top apps. Now it’s a univesal truth in Android app business that if you get the explore installs you have won the game.
Where to Search keywords?
This is the easiest thing to do in ASO and SEO. Open the competitor's app in and click on “ASO keywords” at the bottom of the right sidebar. Second place for keywords is Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Type any keyword and get tons of keywords ideas. Next place to find suggestions in Google play by itself. Type any word and it will suggest the next word which is in fact a keyword that people are searching. You can also use and keyword tool etc but appannie, Google Adwords and Play store keyword suggestion are enough to get 7 to 25 top keywords for your app.
Targeting of keywords:
The big question in ASO is targeting of keywords. There are different kind of theories about targeting. One of them experienced by almost every ASO expert which is targeting keywords in the very first paragraph. Keywords density and keywords frequency are two important things to remember while writing your ASO description.
Keywords Density:
It means how many times a keyword is used. Use your primary keyword at least 3 times and maximum 6 times not more than 6 times.
Keyword Frequency:
Frequency is the usage length, that af

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How To Do App Store Optimization For Google Play?

App Store Optimization or ASO is important for any application to rank higher for improved visibility to the visitors. This eventually translates to more traffic to the app’s page and higher downloads. As per the reports of Forrester, more than 60% of applications are discovered through search. This makes search the most frequently used method to discover & download new apps. Google’s Android is the most popular OS for smartphones globally; necessitating play store app optimization.

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