What is the max cable length USB

By jodyandterry ·
In a home computer system running Win XP how long can I make the cable(s) to USB devices?
i.e. webcams, keyboards/mice, wireless network adaptors, etc.

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Why ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What is the max cable len ...

I once connected a 2.5in laptop HDD (in a caddy) using its own cable + 1m USB extension and the drive wasn't detected, - mind you THAT USB was also carrying DC power.

I believe the generally accepted rule is 5m. To run further than that involves stringing cables between powered USB hubs. :)

How far away were you planning on placing the keyboard & mouse from the screen ?

What does 20/20 vision feel like ?


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5 meters

by TheChas In reply to What is the max cable len ...

Per the FAQ at, the maximum cable length is 5 meters.

If you need a longer cable you either need to use a USB repeater, or a long haul solution that uses a CAT5 bridge between the 2 devices giving you up to around 300' between devices.

Keep in mid that are are signal and power loss issues aide from the timing issue that limits the cable length.

Also, when using multiple devices, you may need to use a powered hub in order to provide enough current for all devices.


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Concise; to the point & very helpful.

by jodyandterry In reply to 5 meters

Thank you TheChas(my brother's name as well :))and Old Mycroft for rapid and helpful "gigo"= great input greater output"!
:) Former US Navy radioman; airborne '58~ '62. Webcams in the garden to monitor visitors to the flower beds = one need the cable stretching. Boss lady here asked for it! :)
Thanks again learned mate & countryman.

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