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What is the need of OU?

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I have one small doubt about OUs in ADS.What is that?I am studying related topics of OUs in somany books but still I have not understand the requirement of OU.If Domain Controller is there is there any ned of OU?I know that OU will have the objects?Then what is the need of DC It is also having the database of objects?Please help me?

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to What is the need of OU?

OUs or Organisational Units are components in the structure of the directory. Their purpose is to make it easier to administer the system by collecting e.g. users with similar access requirements, like users performing a similar job function, under an OU. Group Policies can therefore be applied to the OU level and these policies are then inherited by the users. Assigning the policies to the OU makes it simpler for the System Administrator because the policies do not need to be attached to individual users.

In the same way, if the responsibility for system administration is delegated to e.g. to a local office with an on-site administrator, the administrator rights of the local on-site administrator are linked to the OU of the local office, under which the users and other objects related to the local office are located.

The Active Directory is stored in a database file on servers called Domain Controllers (DC). The DCs themselves are represented in the directory by both computer objects and server objects.

You could get hold of an AD schema in one of your books and redraw it, populating the entities with users, their computers and physical locations and work out how OUs help in describing the structure and the delegation of authority for system administrators.

The directory and the underlying schema are a mapping to the real world, consisting of domains, servers, users and access rights among other things.

The directory, how it is implemented and subsequently presented on paper ( or computer screen), is certainly not the easiest things in the world to take in all in one go.

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by jans_4u In reply to What is the need of OU?

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