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What is the primary Web browser that you use on a daily basis?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
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A new TechRepublic poll asks, "What is the primary Web browser that you use on your PC or laptop?

Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7

Which one do you use and what are the most important features that dictate why you use it?

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by w2ktechman In reply to What is the primary Web b ...

At work or home? Also depending on what I am viewing.
At work I use 4 systems. My primary system is setup with
Firefox, IE6, and Opera
For use inside the company sites, I primarily use IE6, as FF does not display well and cannot use my digital cert. I like many features of Opera, including the new tab creation, and zoom feature. However, many pages do not display properly in Opera.

My second system, I use IE7, and find (although better than before) that often things do not display well enough to even read without a magifying glass. I prefer IE6 to IE7, but this system uses IE7 and Opera

My third system is mostly a test system, so again IE7, but nothing else

My fourth system is SUSE Linux, so I use Konquerer and Firefox. I had Opera working until I tried upgrading it, now I have a mess and it doesnt work at all. (probably inexperience with Linux). And quite frankly I havent had the time to fix it.

At Home, it is a tossup of the 3 (IE6, FF, Opera) depending on what sites. FF and Opera do not work well on many sites, so for those I choose IE, but FF is common use.

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IE 6, Safari

by compootergeek In reply to What is the primary Web b ...

My work.
At home, I tried Firefox, but it was just easier to stick with IE.... I know Firefox users claim that it's safer to use it, but I just make an attempt to remain a wise user of the internet.
At home, the MAC has Safari.
) have a good day!

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Firefox for

by pennatomcat In reply to What is the primary Web b ...

security and tabbed browsing.

Also tinkering with Opera.

I use IE6 only for those infernal updates and the occasional website written by idiots who think only in terms of Microtrash browsers.

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Netscape v8.1

by rogyaeger In reply to Firefox for

I enjoy using Netscape for almost all of my browsing. and like "pennatomcat", I use IE only when forced to. I really like the "view as IE" mode, which allows me to view my employer's web site (firmly inbedded with PeopleSoft and IE) without having to open IE. ;-)

My wife uses FF on her computer - the context menus are different between NS and FF when trying to spawn new tabs and/or browser windows, etc.

I'm also frustrated with third party vendors opening IE instead of My browser when I select their 'help' functions.

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Which One

by ollywho In reply to What is the primary Web b ...

Firefox. It's ease of use and best of all the extensions. Only drawback is it's slow loading time. Like the way one can update the extensions and the various tabs.
Have not tried Internet Explorer 7. Waiting for more comments from others before taking the plunge.

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IE 6 - Its a Tool not a Vocation

by Wayne M. In reply to What is the primary Web b ...

I use IE 6 at work and at home because it is already installed and adequate. Spending time to download, install and configure, and evaluate other browsers does not fulfill a need nor spark my personal interest.

When IE 7 becomes readily available, I assume that it will be pushed to my office machine and probably be a recommended download for my home machine. As long as I can do a one-button install at home, I'll probably make the switch.

I'm not really concerned about the brand of pen, paper, or laptop I use and I treat a web browser the same way. It's a tool and as long as the tool doesn't hinder me, I'm not going to waste a lot of time looking at alternatives.

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by Jaqui In reply to What is the primary Web b ...


that is the list of installed and used browsers on my machines.
Lynx and Links being my mst commonly used, the text only command line browser is so much faster than any other browser.
NO ECMASCRIPT!!! [ aka javascript ]
no frames
very little tables support
all of the above are reasons WHY I use them.

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by Samuel C. In reply to What is the primary Web b ...

It has the same GUI on most systems including
But I use the Other Browsers too,
Firefox has improved and comes with

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