What is the problem with my laptop? Will not boot and lines across screen

By ReasonTakesMe ·
Hello there,

I think my laptop problem may be quite serious, so I would be glad to read what anyone has to say. I?m just hoping to make the right decision, about whether or not I have to buy new hardware for example. My laptop is an ASUS A8JS (a little over 3 years old). The GPU is a GO Geforce 7700.

So, here?s the problem: I turned off my computer one night (last Thursday) and everything was working as expected. Then next morning I turned on my computer and Windows would not even begin to boot. When I turn the computer on the screen has lines down half of the screen (or down the middle), while the rest of the screen is black that rapidly fades to white. It has remained like that for a few days now. Nothing has changed.

I have tried rebooting the HDD (by holding down the power button without a power source).

I have reseated the RAM, HDD, battery, and VGA.

I have taken it into a shop (they said they would have to send it away) and talked with one repair guy; the computer repair guy said that he is almost certain that my GPU is broken. We were talking over the phone, but there is really not a whole lot to see.

What do you think the problem is? I would like to keep using this notebook, as I don?t really want to change HDD, and it allows me to game (well it used to?) as well as everything else without forking out another arm and a leg.

Will I need to buy and install a new VGA? Motherboard? Can the GPU possibly be fixed? Any thoughts would be welcome. I am more than happy to attempt to repair it myself, but I do need to solve it pretty quickly. I work from home on my computer, so I basically just got laid off as well! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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Is it not booting or is the display so

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What is the problem with ...

knackered you can't see it has?

Lines down the screen and fade is usually a sign that the display is furked.

Plug in an external monitor see what happens.

Keep an eye on repair costs, could easily work out cheaper to buy a new one.

You can get a caddy to mount the drive and get your files if it is something more serious.

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There's a scene in StarTrek where Dr. McCoy says "He's Dead, Jim"

by robo_dev In reply to What is the problem with ...

Your best bet is to buy the exact same model on eBay, remove your hard drive and pop it into the new(er) unit.

Or buy a new unit and put your existing hard drive into a USB drive enclosure so you can recover your data.

I have repaired many laptops. Laptop repair is difficult and expensive. Even if you could get a replacement video adapter for that laptop, it would take time to source that part, and a good deal of labor cost to swap it --AND-- the diagnosis is ''pretty sure" that you're replacing the right part.

If your life depending on getting that laptop running again, I would budget something like four weeks and $400 to the project. And that is if you could get the part, which I am not sure you can.

Right now on eBay I see that exact model laptop with a 'buy it now' for $250, and it's working, though it's a bit cracked and beat up. I would recommend going to the Dell Outlet store web site and seeing what refurbed or open-box specials they have there.

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OK this really sounds like the Video Chip Set

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is the problem with ...

And with this model it's a replacement M'Board if you want to repair the thing. Not cheap and not likely to be overly reliable after the repair either.

I would be looking at replacing the unit and if you must use a NB stick a Cool Pad under it to prolong it's life. All NB's that I've ever come into contact with have a Heat problem and you have to take steps to minimize the heat build up so something like this Cool Pad from Antec is available

You can pickup a cheaper thing on E Bay if you wish but you need one with Fans in it that draws it's power from a USB Port. These stop air borne crud getting sucked into the Internal Airways of NB's and prevent the Air Intakes from being blocked.

You can also check to see if ASUS has issued a Recall Notice for this model as well just in case there have been any issues with the Video Chip Set involved.


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Half assed boot with a monitor

by ReasonTakesMe In reply to What is the problem with ...

I took my laptop into the shop today to see what would happen with a different display.

I hooked it up, and that created some action actually. The boot screen came up, asked me if I wanted to run windows repair (or start normally); I started it normally, as I did not have the repair discs with me at the time (tomorrow I will pick up a second hand monitor), but it did not fully boot windows; however, it loaded for a few minutes before going to a black screen.

Also, there were artefacts during the entire process.

Tomorrow I will have everything I need to perform a system repair - the disc and an external display. Is there any hope?

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"Is there any hope?" Maybe. Depends on what you are hoping for.

by seanferd In reply to Half assed boot with a mo ...

Can Windows repair itself? Probably. But a reinstall may be better in the long run, once you have your data backed up.

Will this fix the display problem? Not if it is a hardware issue.

Can the GPU be fixed? No. Graphics cards or mobos get replaced. One does not fix a processor. One might repair a circuit board if the problem is obvious, the fix easy, and someone with the tools and talent is available to do it.

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by robo_dev In reply to "Is there any hope?" Mayb ...


Having worked with computers and also having done lots of laptop repairs, you must expect the worst.

Hope is great for your favorite sports team or if there's one more cold beer in the fridge, but never for a laptop.

Immediately back up all your data and buy a new laptop.

Laptops run very hot and get bounced around pretty often. Repair parts are impossible to find, difficult to install, and often there are cascading failures (failing power supply takes out motherboard, hard drive, video chip).

So it is doomed. Bury it deep in the ground, use it for skeet practice, or sell it as-is on eBay.

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