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What is the proper syntax for using an if statement in a t-sql where clause

By rhardy ·
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I want to filter my results based on the day of week of today's date. If today is Friday then I want to get results of everything with a date of Sat, Sun & Mon. But if it isn't Friday then I only want results from tomorrow.

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"only want results from tomorrow"?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to What is the proper syntax ...

How can you have "Results from tomorrow" when tomorrow is in the future?
Unless you have a time machine we do not know of that puts you in the future and then brings you back, you will have no chance of doing your problem. Mind you if you had, then you will be dealing with a different kind of maths based on the Quantum leap theory. Unless of course you mean "from yesterday".

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If you wanted it yesterday,

by oldbaritone In reply to "only want results from t ...

why didn't you wait until tomorrow to ask?


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"Results from Tomorrow"

by rhardy In reply to "only want results from t ...

Thanks for the great reply, it brought a smile to my face! :)
Actually I work in the newspaper industry and I really do want to find out what is scheduled to be published tomorrow.

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This Might Help.

by jgarcia102066 In reply to What is the proper syntax ...

SET @Date = '6/4/2010'

IF DATEPART(DW, @Date) = 6
SELECT 'Friday'
SELECT 'Not Friday'

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Not a good idea, try something like one of these.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What is the proper syntax ...

Where ((DatePart(dw,getDate() >= 5) and ([Somedate] between dateAdd(d,getdate(),1) and DateAdd(d,getDate(),3)))
((DatePart(dw,getDate() < 5) and ([Somedate] = dateAdd(d,getdate(),1)))

If that's too messy then

Declare @StartDate DateTime
Declare @EndDate DateTime
set @StartDate = dateAdd(d,GetDate(),1)
if DatePart(dw,getDate()) >= 5
set @EndDate = dateadd(d,@StartDate,2)
set @Endate = @StartDate

Select * From SomeTable Where SomeDate Between @StartDate and @EndDate

Check what DateFirst is on your setup whether day one of the week is Sunday or Monday might mean you need to adjust the logic a bit.

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