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What is the role of IP address behind an SSL Certificate?

By Alice Freriksen ·
This is a frequently asked question by the most of webmaster on internet, so here I am trying to help them from this community.

In this discussing we are trying to understand the role of IP address behind SSL certificate with simple question and answer

Question: I have two domains called and Both are hosted on same IP address like

I have purchased SSL for and its work fine but when we request https:// then we found domain mismatch error.

Why this happens? Will it harm my websites?

Answer. First, be clear that SSL works for a particular domain so when you purchased SSL for and then you request for with HTTPS protocol it will show a name mismatch error. Now why this happened? Because when a browser try to connect with the server for its first handshake, the browser will check itself the protocol and web address that you typed ( to confirm the domain name on which SSL is given. Now here a problem arises because the common name (domain name) in the SSL certificate does not match the address typed in the address bar. Therefore, the browser will show a domain name mismatch error and thus the connection could not be established. That is why SSL secures a single domain to make easy for the handshake between the browser and the server.

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