What is the scope of AWS Cloud training and certification in 2019?

By grrasseojpr ·
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In the era of latest technologies, most of the people wants to learn AWS cloud and they have require AWS training and certification to promotion in IT company, so what do you think about AWS training and scope in 2019?

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Could be a very shortlived tech

by OH Smeg In reply to What is the scope of AWS ...

As many of the Western Countries have come out blaming China for taking over these systems and stealing data for Commerical Gain or Weaponizing it to use against not only the companies who thought that they owned it but also the countries that they are in.

As things stand the Cloud Providers are incapable of preventing this type of Intrussion as they simply lack the resources that a Country can throw against a system to break in and do as they please and will never be in a position to stop this type of thing happening.

If China as stated by the Western Countries has actually done this I find it impossible to believe that others have not. What I believe is that the other countries have broken into these systems done as they please and the Cloud Providers are incapable of detecting the breach as their security Systems can never be as Highly Qualified as those doing the break in's.

So while the companies may want these qualifications when they loose all of their Corporate Customers it may very well be a dead Technology.

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Cooperation proposal

by okravchenko111 In reply to Could be a very shortlive ...


My name is Olga Kravchenko and I am the representative of the company Movavi. We specialize in the creation and promotion of multimedia software. I would like to propose to you to cooperate with us.

Please let me know if you are interested.

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