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What is the wayes to have a good IT carrier profile

By Kerah ·
Dear all,
i want to know what is the good way to have agood IT career now i work as technical support engineer but as you all know there are many wayes and many fields in IT so i want to know your opinion what is the best field in IT and what is the best certificates how to improve from technical support who had CCNA and some of MCSE to join the next level of IT positions
thank you

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I'm going to be no help to you at all.

by Ron K. In reply to What is the wayes to have ...

I just want to complain. <br>
I learned better English and grammar rules when I was in grade school, that's elementary school to you, grades K-6, guessing ages - 12 to 13 years olds. <br>
If you actually paid for English classes and passed, I'd be asking for my money back as the class wasn't difficult or comprehensive enough for you to be able to communicate well in a business-like fashion. <br>
I'm no bleeding expert but I know how to end a sentence. If you plan to succeed with folks that can't write properly either you'll be fine. If you have to communicate with someone that PAID ATTENTION in school you might be in trouble. <br>
Oh, stick around too. There is at least one post per week from someone having a job with no idea about having an actual plan on how to gain the next position. You'll probably feel right at home reading their posts because most of them can't spell or use proper English either. <br>
Told you I wouldn't be any help. Feel free to castigate me now. I care.<br>
Oh, almost forgot, you're welcome.

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No help either....

by Donmecca In reply to I'm going to be no help t ...

Ron, that was truly cold... true but definiately cold. I had chill's just reading it. Being able to speak and write clearly is a major part of any technical skills job (in my opinion).

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Ok thank you

by Kerah In reply to I'm going to be no help t ...

Mr Ron,
I really appreciate those precious advice,and i promise that i will try more and more.But Mr Ron you should excuse me for that bad language or way of communication as english is not my mother tongue,and about the postes you mentioned i will read them.Now i like to tell u some thing,TRY TO BE MODEST.Thats the first rule in communication skills,and i think you don`t have it.

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Neither, my friend

by santeewelding In reply to Ok thank you
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The first question you should be asking yourself is.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to What is the wayes to have ...

"Where do i want to go"?
Go and look and find out about CCNA and MCSE and then choose your preferred course. The course should be near to what you have learnt so far.
We can not say to you what is better for you, for one we do not know you or your qualifications. It is for you to decide your future not us.
Good luck with your course(s) of your choice.

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