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What is the word mean and choose switch

By Jimmy Chan 1979 ·
Hi all,

I am a newbie innetworking management, and working in a real very small business in Hong Kong, now I need help my company deploy a network, need apply the ISP Business online, and chosse the Hareware firewall with DMZ port to host 4 server with real public IP (My ISP said that can give me 8 real public IP) ... but before this deploy, I need choose a new 24 port switch for our LAN using (All PC and server now using 100M network card, many are build-in motherboard network chip), and the budget is maximun HKD about 3000 dollar (equal USD 386.7 dollar), better from HKD 1500 up (Equal UDS 200 up)

But about go to some network brand official web site, read some technical data, I have feeling some confused on some word, and don't understand what is it using for what ...

My company need exchange big files, like video (WMV, AVI MPEG2), Photoshop files (PSD), Illustrator file (AI)

They are:

1. MiniGBIC expansion port (General see it 1Gpbs)
2. Up-link (Do it same as 3Com's Stackable??? If yes, wht is the mean of the two 1000Mbps up-link port mean, do it mean only can add two switch inthe future with this two port only)??
3. What is the best brand on this price (USD 200 to 386), and can anyone give me the model that I can choose form this price, 3Com, Linksys, or other brand, better with lifetime warranty
4. What is the adv. of the managable switch??

3Com? Baseline Switch 2226 Plus ( Product #: 3C16475BS)
3Com? Baseline Switch 2024 (Product #: 3C16471-US)
3Com? Baseline Switch 2126-G ( Product #: 3C16472)
Linksys SRW224
Linksys SR324 (Choose China web site will see this model)
Linksys SR224 or SR224G

Above is my list of search switch look like suit my need, but I don't know which one is the best C/P and good.

Thx for your time

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