What is this port on the right side of this Microsoft tablet?

By tech_questioner ·
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I'm thinking this is a miniDP on the right, but the connector is not centered like other miniDP ports (might not be easy to see in the picture):

another angle (though blurry):

The connector is offset on the bottom third of the port, which makes it look like it won't fit a miniDP male connector. Before I get a miniDP to HDMI wire, I just wanted to double check on here. I've only found one other person bringing up this issue online, and they never got a clear answer as to why the port looks different on some Microsoft surface tablets. Thanks.
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Re: port

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to What is this port on the ...

What does the user manual say about the ports on your (unspecified) Microsoft tablet? The current versions is called Pro 7, which makes me think there has been at least one of 1 to 6 and non-Pro versions also.

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by tech_questioner In reply to Re: port

Sorry, I'm actually just trying to help a family member out. I don't believe they have access to that info offhand and I don't know what model it is. I'll try to get that info and look up the instruction manual online to confirm. Thanks for the idea.

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port identification

by tammyaudette In reply to What is this port on the ...
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by tech_questioner In reply to port identification

The spacing/positioning on this one's minDP connector is more like the spacing on the USB ports though, not a standard miniDP, which is what confuses me. It seems to be an old model and I'm not sure which it is. I'll have to dig around and find that. Thanks.

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