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What is this: winss32.exe?

By computab ·
A system had a virus, 750MHz, 384MB, 20GB, Win98.
I removed the virus by scanning with Norton (updated to 28 February) But the system was still very slow, taking 20 Secs to load Word or other programs or access a file and broadband internet was not working. So I searched the 'run' section of the registry, as mentioned on Symantec's site in connection with various viruses, and found references to these files which I decided were suspicious: c:\windows\WinSS32.exe and c:\program files\srnc\srnc.exe. I removed the references and deleted the files. srnc.exe was in a folder srnc, so I deleted the folder with all files. Problem fixed, internet now works, and Word loads in 3 secs. Question: What are these two files? (srnc may be Signature Revealing Naming Convention for Smalltalk, which is not malicious.)

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by mikex In reply to What is this: winss32.exe ...

ss32.exe 07 May 02 1.11MB
Website logfile analyzer

it can be virus after all

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by computab In reply to

Yes, but what is it?

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by RCOM In reply to What is this: winss32.exe ...

Description: WebGenie Site*Sleuth (ss32.exe) is a program that tells how many people visit a site each day, what time they logged in, where they come from and which search engine and key-phrases they used to find you. It is used to build an accurate database of web site traffic.

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by computab In reply to

This was an ordinary user's PC, nothing to do with web-sites

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by computab In reply to What is this: winss32.exe ...

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