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    what is ticking me off… windows and wireless


    by remote man ·

    ok im running windows xp home ed now i have my linksys program monitoring the connection and then theres this windows connections thing i call it a thing becuse it is compleatly useless and inacurat and i need to know how to get rid of it from interfering with my connection

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      In properties

      by antuck ·

      In reply to what is ticking me off… windows and wireless

      Actually, I have perfered Windows wireless monitor. I haven’t had any problems when Windows was able to detect the wireless network.

      I don’t have a wireless computer by me right now, but I know somewhere in the properties sheet for the wireless connection, there is a box to check that tells Windows to monitor the wireless connection. Just uncheck it and the Linksys SW will monitor it for you.

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      response to your problem

      by weezie84 ·

      In reply to what is ticking me off… windows and wireless

      Okay, I too have windows xp and a wireless linksys router and a pci card. sometimes I lose connection but it gains right back. I need to know abou the little box you are referring too..although i am just a net+ certified student and still studying on the world of computers, I would like to offer you any help.

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