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What is Tier-1 and Tier2

By g8qypr ·
What exactly does Tier-1 and Tier-2 mean in relations to being a network administrator?

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Three tier system

by stress junkie In reply to What is Tier-1 and Tier2

Tier 1: help desk

Tier 2: The person that the help desk person calls when they don't know the answer.

Tier 3: The person that the Tier 2 person calls when they don't know the answer. The Tier 3 person is expected to know the answer. Period.

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I'll add

by JamesRL In reply to Three tier system

In many cases, Tier 3 is either:

a) the vendor made the equipment, wrote the software etc., or

b) the one person in the organization who deals directly with the vendor.

In some orgnazations, there are multiple levels of Tier 2.

Tier one in some organizations has an emphasis on resolving the call, in others, its a person who takes all the details and dispatches to a second level. In some orgs - you have both depending on the team.

Hope that helps rather than confuses.


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James' reply is good..

by TomSal In reply to I'll add

Keep in mind there is no strict way or some IT "code" written in stone that says your helpdesk structure MUST be this way, the only true standard I see consistently no matter the company is that level 1 is the simplest form of support and level 3 is the most advanced (if you will) form of support.

I never knew a helpdesk that had more than 3 levels, but I have HEARD of them.

This is the structure I'm most familiar with

Lvl 1 : First encournter with end-user, this person interviews the end user and if the problem is within the scope of knowledge of the lvl 1 support person, lvl will solve the problem. However lvl 1 techs aren't authorized for mucking with anything infrastructure related (ie. no touching switches, servers or configuring hardware).

Lvl 2: Steps in when lvl1 needs assistance, lvl2 is more educated, more experienced and they have full right ("permission") to muck with infrastructre if need be.

Lvl 3: This is outside help, be-it contacting the manufacturer, calling a pay-for helpdesk (ie. buying support from Microsoft for example), bringing in a consultant.

But like I said, organizations can have their own defs of what is / occurs at each level.

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That is helpful

by g8qypr In reply to James' reply is good..

Well, that explanation and all others are helpful. I wanted to be clear on what levels of support I offer based on that jargon. So, basically as a network admin I am both tier-1 and tier-2 support.

thanks much.

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And the next step for you

by maxwell edison In reply to That is helpful

....would be to tell the users to take a long walk off a short tier.

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