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What is W32/Agent?

By cleerb ·
I am running win98 and my Command Antivirus software detects W32/Agent.CY@dl, .GQ@bd and .l@dl, as well as 32/Downloader.lA and .lb every time I reboot the machine. It says these are deleted, yet they reappear each time. Norton Antivirus doesn't detect them, nor do any of the numerous anti-spyware programs I have used. What virus is this and how do I get rid of it?

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the virus is....

by Jaqui In reply to What is W32/Agent?

aka microsoft windows. ;-]

there is only one way to get rid of it, swtch to an *x os.

sorry couldn't resist.
while windows is a virus, win32 agent is a part of windows itself
not sure about the others.

reason I switched to an *x os years ago.
no virus problems

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Typical trojan/keyloggers

by Oz_Media In reply to What is W32/Agent?

Adaware should get rid of it, I am surprised it hasn't.

You can also search a few trojan removal sites for each listed trojan and review the removal suggestions.

If you need more help, you will get better results by posting to Tecnical Q&A instead of Discussions.

Also you should download HIjack this and get a log file you can post to the various trojan and spyware forums.

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I have seen this before

by husp1 In reply to What is W32/Agent?

try spybot S&D, get the thx dso fix and also go to advance mode and check the startmenu option. you will probably find a entry that restarts it, also perhaps a regcleaner before you reboot would help as well. ( the light purple marker opens a sidebar that offers a description of what is on the startmenu.)

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Thanks, I'm just reformatting.

by cleerb In reply to I have seen this before

I thought I would just get a fresh start and do things right this time.

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Agent removal

by palival In reply to What is W32/Agent?

Try Solo antivirus from I have used Solo to remove this trojan and fixed my system perfectly.

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by clefairy1977 In reply to What is W32/Agent?

I d/led a program from frisk international. Their F-prot anti-virus program got W32/Agent.CY@dl that was hidden in my system32 folder as a legit .dll file. My Norton, Mcafee, nor Panda anti-virus wasnt able to sniff it out. Only the F-prot program. I did a virus lookup at all the antivirus software companies websites. Got nothing on it. Did a search for it on google got a few hits on it. This program is really good.

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by mr_gilljam In reply to F-Prot

I use F-Prot...and i found out that my hwclock.exe file is infected by W32/Agent.CY@dl , im not really sure about the CY@dl part...but its a W32/Agent anyway...but i cant delete it with F-Prot nor se it when i use windows please?

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