what is work of RAM

By 1990manoranjan ·
RAM work

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Read your textbooks...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to what is work of RAM

your homework answers are in them. Unless you are looking for something like this-- http://www.downloadmoreram.com/

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What Type of RAM

by TheChas In reply to what is work of RAM

Are you referring to a RAM sheep or goat?

A Dodge RAM pickup truck?

Or perhaps Random Access Memory?

If you want an answer to a question about RAM, please be more specific.

Entire chapters of textbooks can be written about Random Access Memory. We can answer specific questions, but a detailed overview of RAM is beyond the scope of this forum.


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Ram(a) is an avatar of Vishnu

by john.a.wills In reply to what is work of RAM

Sita, his wife, was kidnapped by some demon whose name I forget and taken to Lanka. With a lot of derring-do, Ram got her back home to Aryavarta or wherever, obtaining on the way help from Ganesh(a), the god with an elephant's head. Sita got sick and died. At her cremation she looked out from Heaven and called
"Without my lord my life to bless,
Where could be Heaven or happiness?".
So Ram jumped on her funeral pyre and joined her in Heaven. Ram's work therefore is to be brave and faithful.

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