what is worm_autorun.deep?

By prettymars ·
my rising antivirus detected a suspicious file. the virus name is worm_autorundeep and the file where its located is in UltraISO. although its precision is low. it still bothers me because i do not exactly know if its really a virus. i hope you would be kind to share some light on this. i have been told that not all suspicious file can be considered as virus. but how would i know if its really a virus or not? and if it is a virus is there a way to get rid of it?
also, i also have problem with battery. every time i start i always get this message that says, battery is in a very low state it is needed to be replaced. i have posted questions about a few viruses before and i have tried installing a few anti virus i think i have tried almost all free anti virus. before i felt something strange in the computer the battery works well and it can last many hours. now, ive got to plugged it in every time i use it because in just 10minutes the battery goes completely off. and i cannot use the laptop if not plugged in.
my question is that this battery problem im having as well, could it be because of a virus that is still in the system? is it possible any kind of virus can attack battery? or its just got nothing to do with any virus. and i just need to replace it.
please help. thank you.

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It would help to tell what program identified this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to what is worm_autorun.deep ...

The easy way to proceed here is look at the AV Programs Web Site and see what they say about this file name.

Could it be a False Positive Yes it can but without knowing what the program is that is calling it dangerous it's impossible to say. As for Ultra ISO it's now a Professional Tool and the report could quite well be incorrect as I've seen similar things with quite a few DVD Authoring Tools in Windows but to be perfectly honest that's just a guess.

As for the battery how old is it? If it's over 18 months you could very well be in line for a new battery as you are describing a faulty battery. The message that you are getting is quite common on some NB's depending on their maker and what test utilities they have included in the setup.


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As Col said, need to know which antivirus you are using.

As for the worm itself, these types of malware are not typically "destructive" but generally are used to grab user details such as login IDs, banking information, ID theft, etc. Autorun is a normal part of windows, but the worm generally places itself in a seperate folder from the normal OS file. The name of the Windows executable being forged is wuauclt.exe, which is normally located in the C:\Windows folder. It can also be found in folders such as the "prefetch" and recovery folders ("i386"). The worm will create a folder in the "Program Files" directory tree, sometimes named C:\Program Files\Microsoft Common\, and place the malware executable in this folder.
You might want to boot the computer in Safe Mode, then run a scan with MalwareBytes Antimalware and another antivirus to see if the worm is detected.
As for your battery, it is probably time to replace it.

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Reponse To Answer

by prettymars In reply to As Col said, need to know ...

i am using the 'rising antivirus'. i tried to search at their site but nothing i find. is it okay to just disable it in the registry?
i have installed superantispyware and it find adware in the registry. it has been removed and quarantined. i let it stay there in the quarantine. or should i just delete it permanently?
i used avast before i tried to get it back but it could not complete the installation.

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