what is wrong w. my keyboard?

By colrouphobic ·
it sometimes dont even work in bios. windows sais "this unit works as it should" but it doesnr work at all- is this a virus?

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by colrouphobic In reply to what is wrong w. my keybo ...

windows xp
asus motherboard
fujitsu siemens build
difficult to write much more with the on-screen keyboard...

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Have you tried

by Jacky Howe In reply to specs

another keyboard. If it's PS2 style try a USB type.


and if it's wireless check the batteries.

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not yet....

by colrouphobic In reply to Have you tried

its ps2 (not usb) and i havent tried usb yet. every single controll-system sais the keyboard works without a flaw buti can do nothing wkeyboard. mouse works proper though.

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Message is only reporting on keyboard driver ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to not yet....

It can only tell you that what it requires (in terms of Human Interface Device, and its associated Device Driver) is present when the PC boots.

The System can only 'see' as far as the Device Driver and whether the keyboard is connected, but it cannot tell you if the keyboard has broken.

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but fujitsusiemens diagnostics...

by colrouphobic In reply to Message is only reporting ...

...sais the keyboard works also...a while back i had the same issue w dvd-drive. win said it works but nothin happen when dvd/cd was in, now suddenly dvd-drive works but kb dont...

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But ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to but fujitsusiemens diagno ...

Did the FujitsuSiemens Diagnostics ask you to TYPE SOMETHING??

No - so how can it tell if the keys work or not, when you came to TechRepublic BECAUSE the keys don't work??!!

If you'd rather sit and wait for your keyboard to (maybe) come back from the dead, be my guest.

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by colrouphobic In reply to But ? ...

i get that but wanted to give the complete info (that more then just win-diag has said kb works) in the hope a suggestion for solution came up. i apologize if you gave one but i do not see it. if you didnt give suggestion for solution, do you maybe have one?

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It's not that you have upset anyone

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to But ? ...

But the Diagnostics that you have run can only tell if there is the correct Keyboard Driver installed. It can not even tell you if there is a Keyboard connected let alone if it works properly or not.

The first thing to try is another Keyboard and if that makes no difference a Boot Disc that runs something other than your OS so I would suggest a Live Linux here

Download any of the Live Linux's on the list though my personal preference is for Knoppix, burn it to a CD, then boot off the CD and open the Word Processor included with the Live Linux and type in every key on the Keyboard to check the correct function.

If it works you have a Corrupted OS install somewhere. If it still doesn't work and you know that this Keyboard works correctly on another computer the Keyboard Interface on the M'Board is breaking down and requires a replacement M'Board.

I have only seen that happen once and that was on a NB that had liquid split through it before it started failing. It's not common but it can happen. The likely things are Faulty keyboard as they do wear out and Corrupt Operating System Files that are another common occurrence.


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by Jacky Howe In reply to Message is only reporting ...

it can't tell you if it's been plugged into the mouse port. It will happily flash a connection light and you are thinking that everything is OK but it's not.

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by colrouphobic In reply to Or,

what to do?(difficult to use on-screen kb)

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