what is wrong with my computer? (boot error)

By arrogance ·
I start up my computer and it comes up to a screen with the following message "Select proper device, Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device_

I heard some opinions that it's my operating system. Please if you would help or tell me whats a simple fix to this problem.

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Well here the system is not seeing a working HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what is wrong with my com ...

That generally means that there is no Boot Device Present so open the BIOS and see what you are told about your HDD/s.

You may need to check the function of your HDD/s by using their Makers Testing Utility which can be obtained from here if you know who made the HDD/s

Of if you do not know who made it/them you can use the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

While it could be a corrupt OS it is much more likely to be a HDD Issue here.


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by arrogance In reply to Well here the system is n ...

I read up on a problem similar to mine, this guy had a ipod hooked up to his computer rebooted his computer and it gave him the same message. I too had a music player hooked up what it happened.

The guy that made my computer has had to refix this problem constantly, and im beginning to think hes a scam artist. He has also not given me the boot disc nor my operating system code.
I can't even get into any sort of safe mode, it brings up the same message

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Well if you have any version of Windows

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hey

And did not receive a Install Disc you most likely have a Pirate Version of Windows.

I have seen some small shops use a Action Pack that they buy from M$ for their own Shop Use and load this onto every system that they sell. If you paid for a OEM License for any Windows Product you should have received the Install Disc.

Small Shops unlike the Big System Makers Can Not provide a Recovery Partition only they have to supply a OEM Install Disc if they are legit.

If in doubt contact M$ Anti Piracy Hotline in your country. I believe that provided you paid for a License and didn't receive a Install Disc they will supply you with one but only after you point them to the Shop that supplied you the computer.

Depending on the type of HDD that you have at one stage quite a few IDE Drives had Strange sockets on them which caused the Plug on the Data Lead to work out slightly and break the connection. When this happened you needed to push the plug back into the drive for it to work again. I have not seen that for a while now but I suppose it is possible that it could be happening here.


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