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    What is wrong with your CD’s?


    by novakjc ·

    I recently purchased a whole lot of stuff from you. Having a problem with Fasttrack: Microsoft Access 97/2000/xp. I put it in my drive start it up go to Microsoft Internet explorer, log in as a user, in which I do, than it gives me a selection menu, click on the first item, then click on Access 97 Level 1 and then it comes back with a screen with only one item on it. Where is the rest of it. I spent a lot of money for all of this (bought lots of different titles). If this is an indication on how this works, I will send it back, not just the one item having the problem but the whole order. So tell me, what is going on……I need an answer ASAP.

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      by cglrcng9 ·

      In reply to What is wrong with your CD’s?

      I would scroll down to the bottom of the page on the left and use that “contact us” link.

      Just so there is no misunderstanding I do NOT work for Tech Republic in any way whatsoever, and I did not sell you anything at all. This is a forum provided by Tech Republic wherein we as volunteer members (actually mainly members of the general public w/ tech experience), of the forum answer technical questions from others for free w/ a side compensation (sometimes) of awarded points.

      I don’t know for absolute sure, but I don’t think they (Tech Republic) answer or discuss customer service issues having to do w/ merchandise they sell here. I could be wrong, but contacting them via the link below I’d guess would be your best bet.

      Good Luck.

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      by mysuitelife2 ·

      In reply to What is wrong with your CD’s?

      You are better off either sending an e-mail in through the Help or Contact Us pages. Pick the Product Order topic, scroll to the bottom of the page and send in an e-mail through the Web form.

      There is an FAQ on that page too that has a 800 number listed for calling the support group. Hope this helps.

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