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What is your experience of using TechRepublic?

By ms09nk ·
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Hello everyone,

As part of my MSc Dissertation project at Warwick Business School in UK, I?m conducting a survey that deals with users? experiences of participation in professional virtual communities, of which TechRepublic is perfect example.

I would be great if you could help me and participate by clicking on the link below. The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes to answer. All responses will be kept strictly confidential (used only for the purposes of my dissertation). Everyone who participates will have the option to enter into a draw for five ?20 (or $30) Amazon vouchers.

The survey is accessible at:

I greatly appreciate your help. My degree depends on this survey! If you would like to know the results of my work, I will be happy to share them here with the TechRepublic community after the data is collected.

Best regards,

Nikita Kursov

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to What is your experience o ...

The survey is very generic and not TR-specific. What other sites are you posting this to?

Hey, PTBs, you cool with this?

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I'm not

by santeewelding In reply to Questions

Pure marketing.

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Marketing what?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm not

On-line survey services? The first page of the survey wasn't pushing anything. It looks harmless, but something didn't give me warm fuzzies.

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Purely academic research

by ms09nk In reply to I'm not

I can promise you that I am not marketing anything other than my own academic survey. My research is purely academic and needless to say, there are absolutely no commercial intentions involved. My only intention is to do well in my dissertation and contribute new, valuable insights to academic literature.

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commercial intentions

by santeewelding In reply to Purely academic research

Absolutely none, you said, including the Amazon vouchers.

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Incentives, not intentions

by ms09nk In reply to commercial intentions

That is correct, there are absolutely no commercial intentions.

The sole purpose of the Amazon vouchers is to serve as an incentive for potential participants, and as a thank you for taking the time and effort to participate. If I had the necessary financial resources, I would give every participant an Amazon voucher in return, however in reality this is not possible, hence the five voucher prize draw.

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There is, as well

by santeewelding In reply to commercial intentions

Your exclamation that, "My degree depends on this survey!"

Which is to say, on the kindness of strangers alone? Your own work to this point, not?

Does the exclamation fall in line with your repeated assertions about needing to adhere faithfully to academic parameters?

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Please expand

by ms09nk In reply to There is, as well

Would you kindly clarify as to what exactly you are implying your post?

The central and most important piece of my Masters degree, (besides exams, essays, presentations etc), is the dissertation, this also being the last stage of the course. In turn, the central part of my dissertation is the survey. As is the case with most surveys that I've come across, my survey inevitably depends on the kindness of strangers, as you correctly put. Therefore at this point, my degree very much depends on the kindness of strangers, as, simply put: no responses => no data => no dissertation => no degree.

I am not sure how this relates to 'adherence to academic parameters'.

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by Jaqui In reply to Please expand

to TR's baffle them with bull* trap.

Santee just loves to agitate like that, you can safely ignore him.

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by santeewelding In reply to Please expand

I just have. I expanded my original post -- "Pure marketing" -- on two counts: commercialization and exclamation.

Further, the bullshilt to which Jaqui refers is your own. I've been playing off your terminology: "nature of academic surveys...compromise the validity...fastidious world of academic research...measures invalid".

I imply nothing. I declare. Yours, so far, amounts to an aside.

I repeat: where in the fastidious world of academic research do you fit your exclamation point? Where do you fit payment?

Yours is a business school. Nowadays it's called, "business development"; aka, "marketing".

Pure marketing.

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