What is your take on Certifications in the field versus a degree?

By jerald25 ·
What is your take on Certifications in the field versus a degree? For example, I have a Master's in Network Communications Management with a concentration in Security, and I am also currently working on my P.H.D in Information Systems Management and I teach at a College, and I have prior IT knowledge and experience and I also have worked in positions that were highly technical in nature, what is your take on employers hiring someone as myself?

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RE: what is your take on employers hiring someone as myself?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is your take on Cert ...

Not very good in the current economy unless you are teaching not working IT.

Like most things many people particularly those who peruse PH D's do so for reasons other than making their working lives easier in what they are studying. Yep I know that's not the right description but I don't know a better way to word it. I'm one of those idiots with 3 FUDs behind me and I don't currently ever use any of them or reference them in my CV because it guarantees no employment.

HR or the companies that they work for see the qualifications and run as fast as they can with excuses that you are Over Qualified and will walk ASAP, so they are wasting their time employing you. The reality however is most in management are scared of you.

Of course if you are applying for a Teaching Position or Government Job, Qualifications like those are useful and piratically Guarantee Employment but unless all you want to do is Teach or become a Bureaucrat it's best not to push that side of things at all. Don't lie but you don't need to mention it either.

It's better pushing Field Experience and Industry Certs if you want to work where you get your hands dirty so to speak. It also can have unintended Benefits when the Company who employs you as whatever sends you for punishment for not towing the company line and helping the Customer too much to a position that you would never have been considered for and is something you really like.


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Please don't take offense

by unhappyuser In reply to What is your take on Cert ...

I find most people with a lot of letters after their name (e.g. BS) are out of touch and just add to the chaos. I worked one place where there was an open position requiring a PhD in finance. The person they hired had a PhD in some other field but they thought she was a god because she had a PhD. She couldn't do the job and made things worse.

I've seen a lot of people with Certs that are the memorization types and many are usually inadequate to do the job.

Give me someone that has a well rounded education, experienced yet may not even have a BS or MA in the appropriate field. They will work best with staff and be an asset to the company. They will also not have the arrogance that I see with the "letter carriers".

Just my two cents and I hope you don't take offense (my sister has a PhD and is very down-to-earth so not all are lost).



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You've a few issues

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What is your take on Cert ...

First finding a position where you aren't vastly overqualified academically.

Second, whatever your thinking you are going to look expensive, or perhaps short term.

And to some you are going to look like a career student....

Academia is an option, the other would be R&amp for one of the big boys, you are well over the top for opening a port or crimping an RJ45 on to a bit of cable...

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Thanks for the Feedback

by jerald25 In reply to What is your take on Cert ...

Thanks for the feedback I really do appreciate the honest assessment. So let me ask these questions. I have a solid technical background from electronics, computer repair, and I was a Sr. IT Specialist and currently working on a number of certifications, I am trying to bridge the gap because there are other things I don't know in IT. I have a working knowledge of Windows Server products, such as Server 2003 and 2008, I have some configurations experience with Cisco 2800 routers and 2950 switches but most positions require you to have the CCNA certification. How do I bridge this GAP because some job recruiters won't call you if you don't have the cert. Any suggestions?

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Most of them do buzzword bingo

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thanks for the Feedback

so their first filter isn't that you have a CCNA cert, but that CCNA is on your resume.

So if you put currently studying for CCNA...

However even if you get hits like that, or even took the cert, your masters and phd are likely to be irrelevant, you certainly aren't going to get paid more because you have them in a role where CCNA and some experience is the basic requirement.

Probably better off looking for suitable employers, and writing / turning up to see if they are interested in what you are and have than expecting a recruiter numpty to recognise it.

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