What IT profession should I go for?

By nickelito85 ·
Hello boys and girls!

Ive been lucky enough to get hired on a small IT company without any prior experience in the field. Ive been working there for a year now and have had some great hands-on experience within active directory, windows server-environment, cisco, vmware and other great stuff.

However, I do feel its time for me to sort of "pick a path" and specialize within one specific job role. Im between 25-30 and feel like i should have started alot earlier, but since I dont have years and years of experience, id like to make up for that by studying hard (from home). My boss has told me its pretty much up to me what I want to do, he is going to support me as long as its helpful for the company and within what we do..

Im a bit torn in between what I should choose, and I feel i have to make that decision pretty quickly because the other guys at work are becoming better and better at what they do and Im just becoming "broader", if you know what I mean..

I really do see that this is much or less a one in a million chance for me to do what I want with my career life, Im still very afraid to sort of pick the wrong path.
Doing lots of thinking about the matter, Ive come up with these two things:
* I need to enjoy what Im doing
* I dont want to pick a path in a job role that is being phased-out within the near future, if you know what I mean, but rather something that has great potential in the future.
* Salary isnt really that important.

These are a few things I can see that I would think is fun and that I would do well in, but Im still not sure:
* Windows Server Administrator
* Cisco Networking
* VMware specialist

Id also very much like to work with network security but I dont really have much experience about it, and also not really sure if my company would need a securtity expert.

So.. what am I to do? I could work with something else than these areas too, this is just what I have in mind right now so if someone have any suggestions id be happy to hear!
I know that no one but me can pick a carreer for me than myself, but Id very much like to hear from more experienced people what they would do in my situation.

Thanks for reading and please reply if you want to!

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IT Career

by p.j.hutchison In reply to What IT profession should ...

I am in the fortunate position of working with lots of different technologies, the thing is to try them out. If possible, try them out at home with trial versions of the technologies you want to see and then decide which one you like the best, and choose that as a career path. There are also other specialist roles to think about:

Software Development inc Visual Studio
Web Developer
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL Server
Virtual Desktop developer- VDI, V-App etc
Active Directory specialist


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by nickelito85 In reply to What IT profession should ...

Thanks alot for your answer!
Im in the same spot as you, I can also choose between lots of fun technologies to work with.
My main interest is within TCP/IP networking..I just love the geniusness about it.

Thats why im thinking of picking the role as Cisco specialist, but the competition seems hard to say the least. Feel like i should have started in my early 20s.

The other role im thinking of is a career as vmware specialist, but im not sure vmware has staying power now that microsoft seems to want to put some money into virtualization.

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Don't stress

by Seonix In reply to What IT profession should ...

I'm in my mid 20's and have been working in IT since I was 18. If you've only been working for a year, I wouldn't stress too much about specialising just yet. You're still in the honeymoon phase where everything seems really exciting and interesting, so you don't want to get too excited about specialising and then realise twelve months down the track that you're bored with it. Once you've specialised it's very hard to back track unless you're happy taking a signifcant pay cut to do so.
My advice would be to:
- Keep generalising until you're sure you've found something you love.
- Once you begin specialising, try to keep involved in other technologies as well. E.g. if you do Cisco networking, offer to assist with VMWare networking or DNS etc.
- Don't worry about what everyone else is doing. They're at a different point in their career.
- Do a certification and/or a degree. You don't need a degree for most technical jobs but it does make you stand out, and many companies have a degree as a requirement.
- Don't job hop. So many professionals start specialising and want $$$ straight away so they leave for another company. It doesn't look good on the resume and you won't get a chance to improve your companies technology, you'll only get the chance to bandaid it and move on. Make a significant different with your company, build some good relationships then move on when you're ready.

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Reponse To Answer

by nickelito85 In reply to Don't stress

Thanks alot, great advice right there!
I think youre right, i need to slow down and really just get a feel for where I might fit in.

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