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    What keeps screensaver from working?


    by jadavis9 ·

    I don’t know what is keeping my pc from going to screensaver sometimes. I logged out of my Yahoo Messenger and left Outlook on and it never went to screensaver. But it was busy completing a backup to my e: drive and IE was playing a radio station.

    So I turned off the IE radio and it still never went to screensaver.

    It’s not my Retrospect automatic backup activity that is keeping it from screensaving. It screensaved even with Outlook on while backing up and Messenger logged out.

    With Outlook off and Messenger logged in, it went to screensaver. I think Messenger checks something every 5 minutes but that doesn’t seem to matter.

    My Outlook is set to Send/Receive every 5 minutes in Mail Setup > Send/Receive but not when offline (which is never).

    So none of these items are keeping it from screensaving: Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, IE on a radio station or Retrospect Express HD backup. I have no other Messenger programs running.

    I am so confused …. I have no idea why I find my pc with the screen lit up sometimes if I leave it unattended for a long time. I guess that the next time that happens, I should look very closely to see what is on and/or logged into and perhaps even look at Task Manager by hitting Ctrl/Alt/Del and see what Processes are running other than System or System Idle Process, both of which always seem to show CPU activity.

    Could I have a problem with a malfunctioning creeping mouse?

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      by jadavis9 ·

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      Doesn’t matter.

      by seanferd ·

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      The only things that stop the screensaver from engaging are 1) even the slightest mouse or keyboard activity, and 2) programs which allow to to engage a setting “do not allow screensaver while this is running”.

      You may not think your mouse is moving, but it may be, just enough. Especially optical mice. It could also be that there are signals on the mouse cable interpreted by Windows as movement (old mouse, whatever).

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        Any vibration on the desk

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to Doesn’t matter.

        Will also have this effect. But then again the mouse id moving so this by itself stops the screen saver from working.

        I’ve seen this quite a lot on glass surfaces with Optical Mice where the light gets refracted in several different paths which causes the system to think that the mouse is moving. If that’s the case here stick the mouse on a Mouse Mat and it will stop causing the screen saver not to come on.


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          well, not a glass desk

          by jadavis9 ·

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          This pc is on a normal desk.
          I will use another mouse that I have and see if that solves this issue permanently, if it happens again. I logged off and left it on overnight last night and it screensaved all night.
          Could it be a keyboard issue? I have a spare keyboard too.

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          It very well could be something to do with a faulty Keyboard

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to well, not a glass desk

          After all the way to bring things out of Screen Saver or Hibernation is to move the mouse or hit a key on the keyboard.

          Also to start the screen saver there has to be no Mouse or Keyboard activity for the specified time.


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        possible random activity noticed

        by jadavis9 ·

        In reply to Doesn’t matter.

        Thanks Seanferd. My mouse is a Kensington optical mouse. I had an issue that may tell the story and confirm that your theory is correct. I ran a program the other night called chkdsk /r and then ran chkdsk /f with advice from a Microsoft technician, and during that process, once while in the DOS? blue screen, something must have typed the “l” key on its own. The screen said something like “that command is not recognized”. Maybe this was sent by the mouse or keyboard on its own?

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          Ah, sure.

          by seanferd ·

          In reply to possible random activity noticed

          Most likely the keyboard in that case. The “l” key may be making contact intermittently – something got in there, or the key spring is tired, or the contact pad is bad.

          Seems the likely suspect is your keyboard rather than the mouse in your case. Could be both, though, so don’t be fooled. 😉 I’ve seen ball-type mice kill a screensaver when sitting on a perfectly flat desktop because a truck went by 20 yards away. The vibration from the truck was un-noticeable, except to the mouse.

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      it works if I am logged off Windows

      by jadavis9 ·

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