What kind of specialities ı need on computer to play CS:GO

By trofeturna ·
My question is same as title , can any one might give me advice for having computer specialities(Screen card,motherboard etc.) to play CS:GO ,eu4 and similar games.
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by ankitsingh213506 In reply to What kind of specialities ...

You can choose any screen display, RAM upto 8GB, High processor atleast i3, th main thing is Graphics card. I use AMD Radeon graphics card for gaming purpose upto 2GB

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by VictoriaV8hGWhite In reply to What kind of specialities ...

You can look on Steam the characteristics that your PC must have to be able to play csgo. The advice that I will give you is to buy a stronger processor if you want to play csgo comfortably, because it's a dynamic game it requires a stronger processor than a video cart so concentrate more on it. With a good processor, it will surely be easier to get a good performance. What PC characteristics do you have to know? Maybe you will need just to replace a part of the PC, but not buy a new one.

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by Kees_B Moderator In reply to What kind of specialities ...

The system requirements for CS:GO are rather low. See

Most of the hardware you find mentioned is no longer for sale and replaced by faster and better equivalents.

I didn't check eu4. I leave that to you.

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