What LAMP is best for Windows?

By cmatthews ·
A VAR wants to work for our company. He says it's best that we install a LAMP server, but I'm not big on Linux yet. If he leaves us, I don't want some strange box sitting around with web applications I can't even control.

I Wiki'd a bit and found several versions even for windows, but which is best? I saw that WAMP seems abandoned and looks quite current and seems like I could manage it :)

If I install and give him access to only an admin panel and FTP access to those folders on a XP box, will he be able to work? Do I have to give him access to the CLI?

Since the only white-paper I found here was from 2005, does anyone have some experience?

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VARS are a dime a dozen

by dryflies In reply to What LAMP is best for Win ...

Find someone that will give you the application you want on the platform you want to maintain. Do not let them dictate what platform to use. That Said, The LAMP architecture is very stable and well known/used and the underlying architecture of a site is nearly irrelevant if you use advanced tools for development. You will be able to find someone capable of maintaining your application even if this VAR bails on you. That said, in order for the application to be maintainable stay on top of the situation and require regular code reviews to ensure your coder is properly documenting their work and not using obfuscation as job security. The popularity of LAMP servers has made it possible for amateurs to become proficient at creating applications but the ability to abstract an application to make it easily maintained is still solidly in the domain of the professional.
if this post is useful, please let TR know.

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Why not Windows Server Web Edition

by CG IT In reply to What LAMP is best for Win ...

if your looking for an inhouse web server. It's low cost about $350.00 USD. for the O/S.

Dell has some good entry level tower server that will work well with the Windows Server 2003 Web Edition. The Poweredge 440 3.2 GHZ Intel with 2GB of memory and a SATA drive ought to do the trick.

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XAMPP, very recently.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What LAMP is best for Win ...

It's a breeze to put on.

Depends on what he's doing.

He's may need to administer Apache and MySQl probably and put the pages on.
The nice thing about XAMP is all that's under it's folder. So you can give him access to there down.

CLI's a bit of a red herring isn't it?
Anything he can do from there he could do by sticking it in a cmd file and double clicking on it.

It's not just the L in LAMP, Apache, MySQL and PHP will stump you just as fast.

If you don't have the inhouse skills, and don't want to build up some, tell him to sod off, ASP, IIS and SQL Server will no doubt do the job.

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