What laptop???s Brand would you recommend?

By sanwardak ·
I need to buy a laptop with following specifications

Intel icore 3 or 5
500 GB Hard drive
3 to 4 GB RAM
Windows 7 any version

I was thinking I will go for HP, but I see some people have issues with hp laptops, mostly the problem are like recovery partition dose not work or get corrupt soon, some over heating. But one thing which I think how people use their laptops is important. So I need your recommendation.


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Not a huge difference between the major brands

by robo_dev In reply to What laptop???s Brand wou ...

Consumer Reports does a brand reliability survey and the rankings for percentage of repairs and serious problems for 2008-2011 laptop models are:

Apple 9%
Acer 10
Toshiba 10
Lenovo 11
Gateway 11
HP 11
Sony 12
Compaq 12
Dell 12

Personally I only buy Dell since I get good deals on their 'outlet store' refurbed, open box, and scratch-and-dent stuff. Of the dozen or so Dell PCs and laptops I've owned, I have not had anything seriously break...a hard drive or two, but that's not Dell's fault.

Now on the DESKTOP side, there are some more significant differences, but nothing earth-shattering:
Apple 7
Compaq 11
Dell 12
Acer 12
HP 13
Gateway 17

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one suggestions

by markp24 In reply to What laptop???s Brand wou ...

what ever laptop you buy, you can contact the vender (i have done this with Dell) and request the Operating system, support software and drivers CDs be included in the box. (or shipped to you) You may even get them to ship your the cd/'s for free. (they usually charge for these)

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Well I personally Love the Gigabyte Range of NB's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What laptop???s Brand wou ...

But you are unlikely to see them all that often because they make their own and then supply to the other Resellers like HP Dell and so on.


Just a couple of observations here though if you want to have 4 GIG of RAM you really should have a 64 Bit OS installed there is no 32 Bit OS that can address more than about 3.25 GIG of Total System RAM and this includes Video RAM so if you want to be able to use what you are paying for get a 64 Bit OS.

As for overheating all NB's are subject to this and you need to use a Cool Pad under them no matter the maker. These do several things which will improve the life of any NB.


They keep things cool to begin with and as Heat and Vibration are the biggest NB Killers that is important but they also suck air away from the underside of the NB and pull any Air Borne Crud away from the NB's Air Intakes so the Cooling passages inside the NB don't get clogged up with crud which causes the NB to overheat when it gets a few months use on it.


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I will go for HP then.

by sanwardak In reply to What laptop???s Brand wou ...

Thanks to all for your input. I guise I will go for hp, so if I buy it from any big store here in Toronto, they are not going to give me the Disk with it, so I have to make my own recovery disk, which I don???t truest recovery partition already come with, because many my client they have corrupted the parathion very soon for their laptops. I will try to ask from the vender if they will supply me with original disk in case any thing goes wrong I should be able to fix it.


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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I will go for HP then.

You should make it a condition of the sale that you get a Recovery Set before you fork over your money.

The salesperson will accept it that way but if you attempt it after the sale HP will charge you for the Recovery Set.


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