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What Linux Distro Do You Use and Why

By jlholmes21 ·
So what linux distro do you use and why do you use it?

I personally use Ubuntu, 32bit edition, as my Linux OS. It was the first linux dsitrobution I used and I amused to all this 'sudo' stuff in the terminal. Also the Ubuntu Software Centre, Package Manager and GetDeb have helped me get all the applciations I need. I don't like Unity but I don't like most of the GUIs, I want gnome 2 back.

I have tried things like Fedora, openSuSe, Linux Mint, arch, Puppy..... and you get the picture. If their was a Ubuntu (not Debian, although ubuntu is Debian Based) Linux distro that comes with Gnome 2 but is upto date with 11.10 then tell me about it as soon as possible.

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I use Mint 32bit

by Slayer_ In reply to What Linux Distro Do You ...

And its been good. Once its running its stable, but getting it running can be iffy, I frequently get device not found errors and then it mysteriously doesn't boot.

Also, when running transmission, with even only a few connections it suddenly can't web browse anymore, but this could be Firefox related.

Also, browsing doesn't seem to work through the firewall, even though I allowed http through.

But these minor issues aside, the system works well, has most of the applications I want, browses the web just fine (except for fullscreen flash of course) and is generally fairly speedy.

And of course those cool window effects, people are always in awe when they see my grab a maximized window and see it stretch as I move it to another screen. Or when I open or close something and see it ignite.

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Turned on Compiz, did ya?

by seanferd In reply to I use Mint 32bit

Yeah, I like Mint for an "easy" distro. Never had problems like the ones you describe, though. Hrm. (Were you the one with the weird nVidia drivers/ on battery issue?)

Next time I upgrade or reinstall, I'm going with the Mint rolling distro (Debian, XFCE).

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I just LOVE Compiz

by .Martin. In reply to Turned on Compiz, did ya?

spent hours playing with the jelly windows

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That's why I like to have a "toy" OS.

by seanferd In reply to I just LOVE Compiz

Just to do all the wacky stuff like playing with Compiz, or making a cool-looking Conky display on the side of the desktop.

Just to be absurdly excessive, I've run FreeBSD with a funky desktop in a VMWare image on an XP host, started from a shortcut in Microsoft Bob. But a transparent rotating desktop cube with extra effects and crazy window animations is always amusing.

edit: And here I go, strolling way off-topic.

edit2: Oh, and good to see you around, Dot Martin. B-)

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good to see you're still hangin' in.

by .Martin. In reply to That's why I like to have ...

next couple of months look to be a lot easier than the past few, so I'll have a little more time to "annoy" all you guys (and gals)

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Gods of us all, you've still got MS Bob?!?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That's why I like to have ...

Burn me a copy of the installation media, will you? That outta be a stone cold hoot on a vm.

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I'll have to find it.

by seanferd In reply to Gods of us all, you've st ...

I had the install rolled up in a zip file or something. The original media was DMF floppies (yack).

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Let me know how it is

by Slayer_ In reply to Turned on Compiz, did ya?

I'd probably want it looking just like it is now, but I wish Mint was a rolling distro.

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LMDE is exactly a rolling distro.

by seanferd In reply to Let me know how it is

Built on Debian Testing.

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I am currently using

by .Martin. In reply to What Linux Distro Do You ...

Arch. Why? even I do not know.

I was running Debian, but I found every update would break something, and I have never been too fond of Ubuntu (again, I don't entirely know why).

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